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    MA new majority shareholder

    Post removed. It was OP that seemed to think the two are one in the same, but you're right, my comment was unnecessary. As a foot note, I don't think you'll find that I troll "everything and everyone". I don't think I've been very trollish at all lately tbh, mostly just questioning things in...
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    MA new majority shareholder

    removed trolling
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    PCF Server Move and Software Migration

    It seems unnecessary to you because you aren't the one having to maintain it.
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    MA new majority shareholder

    There's no need to speculate over public knowledge. Shareholders are always listed in the Annual Report Yes, the shares now belong to Tetianna Keruna. Timkins was not a majority shareholder and so neither is Tetianna. There has never been a majority shareholder as far as I can tell.
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    Info: Efficiency vs. Damage Per Pec

    I was talking about efficiency, but yea I got you. I would presume that I am not able to cycle enough to make for an accurate test, so I appreciate people like you doing the leg work. :)
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    Info: Efficiency vs. Damage Per Pec

    Right, I mean specifically that 1% efficiency = 0.07% return. It's not quoted in the meta thread and I haven't been able to locate where MA officially stated this - the only quote I found was that it was up to 7% total. If this has been officially clarified it would be great if someone...
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    Info: Efficiency vs. Damage Per Pec

    Can you please cite your source on this? The only official commentary I can find is MA stating that efficiency impacts TT returns up to 7% total, but I can't locate where they indicate that it's a completely linear formula with each % of efficiency equal to 0.07% return.
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    Songkra Valley - Shoot Lead, Get PED (Monthly)

    wooot, i didn't realize i made the cut! thanks for a simple event and great mobs :handgun:
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    The PED-USD connection - will it last?

    why is that bad? asking for an education, not debating... maybe ped is overvalued or undervalued at $0.10 - would a variable exchange help correct that?
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    The PED-USD connection - will it last?

    i think the usd will be fine but personally never understood why the ped was statically tied to any other currency. one usd has a different value today than 18 years ago. why not treat ped like any other currency - regulate and limit its creation and have players trade for it on a dynamic...
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    Every game has cheater not just Entropia Universe.

    PCF is in no way representative of the playerbase as a whole. I think by and large most people don't give a shit. If you look at the countless "cheating" threads, it's typically the same voices. The main people who do (and should) care about cheating are the people who have invested a huge...
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    Imagine everyone have 100% TT returns, would the game survive?

    doing this would remove the globals/hofs which are the main attraction
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    as with all mindark shenanigans, this is a management issue don't blame the underpaid and undertrained support staff. idc how small the company is, support cases should be triaged and pm or po should be prioritizing the defect backlog. it should not have fallen on one of the boots on the...
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    Rookie Chat: What is the meaning of this?

    I think the only impression it gives is that EU is no different from literally any other multi-user platform that has ever existed. Unless these new users have never communicated with humans before, I think they'll understand and just ignore the trolling. I would be more concerned about them...
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    when does it end?

    I agree... they should start by actually forming a QA department.