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    MsPudding's NEW EVENT: The Gambler (Watch My Twitch Live Stream For Winning #'s)

    Please register - Adrian DistantSun Jones
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    Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes

    Support case submitted a few hours ago as I'm located at Akmuul. Don't see why MA cannot, run a script to gather a list of avatars who have tried AND FAILED to log onto the Akmuul server since the last update and then relocate the avatar to PA or Twin ready for the next attempted login. The...
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    Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes

    Yes I am also at Akmuul and can’t login :(
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    Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes

    Same :eyecrazy: Don't MA know we have peds that we NEED to throw at mobs or into the ground!
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    What's wrong with Santa's Little Helper?

    You news to visit Santa’s Little Helper at the east exit of Port Atlantis.
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    Raven Helmet M (UL)

    Hi all, Further to my post a couple of moments ago (link) Link to entropiawiki Sales history shows that there have only been three sales of the M version on the open market. All for tier 1, all this decade but not this year. As such I was wondering what price tag people would put on the...
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    HoF: Raven Helmet M (UL)

    Hi all, As the title says, I recently looted a rare item: Raven Helmet M (UL): Link to entropiawiki Not looted a rare item in a couple of years so thought it would be nice to share. Will also be starting a price check thread as it looks like there have only ever been 3 auction based...
  8. Raven Helmet M (UL)

    Raven Helmet M (UL)

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    Halloween Mayhem 2018 Results

    open to random speculation Hi all, This is what I dont get. In Survival Category 1, why such a big gap petween 3rd and 4th place times? Suppose I will leave it open to random speculation...
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    Kal-Rahm The Cannibal spawn time

    Been getting mine every 35ish minutes then earlier today it took 57 minutes. Even though my setup didn’t change ☹️ DS
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    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    Register: Adrian DistantSun Jones
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    Selling: Isis HL8 tier 8.1 + adjusted omegaton A105

    Free bump. Any screenshots showing info with damage enhancers? DS
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    Achievement: Finished - Iron Challenge V (10000 Eviscerator)

    Nope, but would have been nice.
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    Achievement: Finished - Iron Challenge V (10000 Eviscerator)

    Iron Challenge V (10000 Eviscerator) Done and dusted. Equipment: Unplated Thunderbird UL with (L Shin Guards) Past few months ArMatrix LP-40 / 45 (L) + Omegaton A106 Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI Globals (as listed on Entropia Live): >300: 2 200 > 299: 2 100 > 199: 23 50 > 99: 79 Total...
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    Easter Mayhem 2018 Results

    First of all congratulations to the winners. I enjoyed the event and will be doing it again. My main concern was related to people chipping down their avatars to get into a lower (easier) level instance where they can use their potentially: Superior armor Higher tiered guns which have their...