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  • nah, still in milky beans, but it looks as though Ecuador is on for early next year, it's 99% certain at moment :yay:
    how about you? how's life been treating you?
    Happy birthday, a day after. ,-)
    I suppose im not allowed to claim im fast atleast
    rofl, thats a lot of running! well atleast the OP is good becuse i dont have any lag there hehe, a lot better then Twins or itacha iteself!
    I will be online at that outpost for about 2 hours sorting out my auctions and what not!
    I was unlucky yesterday and lost my connection with EU and couldnt connect, sorry about that. However, im at the outpost befor that happend, didnt even knew one existed out there, should serve as a good base for hunting in the future! So i will catch you later on today
    Hehe, nothing to worry about, i feel like i already got an apology yesterday, by the feeling and smile i had when i went to bed with.

    will speak to it and see if it wants to sit somewhere els, (I found it a bit annoying to honestly beeing in the middle of the text, good to know it wasnt just me.)
    Impressive that a guard was the mob to carry this loot. I dont know how many time it has been proven that NOT hunting what should give the better loot (By common sense) is the best way to go.
    What Warrant was it that looted it?
    As far as i know you, arent you out hunting a lot of your active ingame time?
    You seem awfully down today, what might have happend, or if i know EU right and it is the cause of this, what has not happend?
    U must posses a wand that makes a lot of people visit your profile..
    Is it my lack of bling-bling that makes you so much more attractive?
    xD So many images really just.. fit in so perfectly sometimes nyaaa ^^
    There are some really sick and twisted ppl on judjing by the comments on your profile. :scratch2:
    Thanks for the rep, but it was 680$ spent from MA's pockets not from my own to my new pc. :D

    I wouldn't spend that much from my own pocket on a piece of plastic with some chips and a few leds on it when I could buy beer instead :D
    You said I'm treating it with mirth - if I'm not wrong that means to laugh at something, correct ?
    I didn't laugh in any message directed at you, dj.
    I laughed at a message to someone else, trying to bring some laughter and lightheartedness to something fun - that had suddenly turned tense.
    I was not laughing at or towards you.

    I'm honestly sorry that I've offended you and always valued your manner of being very upfront and direct and expected no less from you, if you found something I did objectionable.
    No worries - there will be no entries from me in the future on any contest .
    Have yourself a fabulous weekend :beerchug:
    btw, seriously - spend the few minutes and respond. I'm beginning to feel dirty acting so mean to people now! :D
    You're 37 and act like you're three. That's my impression. If you can't distinguish copy-paste EFD farming, then it's you who's the moron.
    oh my golly I cant even see what I type, all the pink, and flashing, I'm gonna have a seizure uh uh uh eh eh eh ahhhhhhhh!!!
    oh but of course i dare .........i am a modified fapper

    no wait that was a modified perv my bad
    Can i be a stalker umm i mean fapper

    yes fapper i can fap to you for you ummm yes fapping is good
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