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    Suggestion: Click to Move

    I miss the function alot. Used to use it to walk to mining claims. Especially good when I was over loaded and needed to go up hill. Let me answer chats while I waddled to claim. My vote bring it back please
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    Discovery: Kaiser-Graf HVMR-2 FEN Edition

    Grats! Also nice to see something like that happen off Caly and not a Caly mob.
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    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition

    Love the graphic
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    Entropia Goals For 2019?

    Hopes and Dreams for 2019. **Spend less ped on stupid ideas that come into my brain. ~Top of list--> Explosive IV can give me a HoF/ATH too. ~This time the LVL 13 amp gonna hit one on FOMA. ~Go on condition for another 50 clicks. *Have more fun and stress less about profit. *Skill up more in...
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    Merry Mayhem 2018 Full Details

    Can MM mobs drop FEN tokens?
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    Info: Microsoft Security Essential crashing Entropia

    Been happening to me too. Thanks bunch for tip.
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    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    Please sign me up Djinn Gunsel Le Clef
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    Buying: UL Mining Amp

    Bump it up
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    Buying: UL Mining Amp

    Looking to buy a UL lower level type mining amp. (Lvl 1-3 or something in that price range) For peds also have Male shopkeeper that can also be part of deal. So far one offer still hoping for some others. PM offers to Djinn Gunsel Le Clef here or in game. Thanks
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    Server Downtime for Release

    Mining stuff? Hoping for mining goodies or mining loot fix
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    Way to go skee.
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    SSS Mining Method (Seven Seconds South)

    I think you should revisit the spiral. sometimes I spiral out from where I find a skill gain or a deposit and find more. coincidence? or something? Let smarter people than me figure it out. :laugh:
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    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    OMG OMG! Hope still alive.....for mining and crafting loot fix.
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    Religion in EU, why not?

    All offer up fruits to The Great Daikiba. (Please remember to face south while offering)
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    Any chance for a noob in easter mayhem ?

    Always have hope never know what might drop on you. From my own experience, just keep your ped budget in mind and have fun. GL