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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Mangula Many Conqua
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    Uber: 12.5k Atrox Old

    Gratz! It's about time :yay:
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    (Agility Log) Danimal's 89 Agility to 100 Agility in 3 Months Time

    I must admit, I was still in bed avoiding the inevitable fate of going to work. This is the tread I wanted!
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    (Agility Log) Danimal's 89 Agility to 100 Agility in 3 Months Time

    I remembered watching an agility log that Stryker made after the attribute nerf that took place a long time ago to go from 94 to 95 agility. Might give you some ideas. Goodluck :)
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    Question: Any1 doing tier upgrade services?

    I have had Auktuma tier my high cost items at no cost but he has not been on for some time.
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    Mission Rewards Rebalancing Update

    They are probably non-tradeable in the spirit of attributes which are non-chippable.
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    RGA : Submissions thread

  8. longu RGA #3

    longu RGA #3

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    RGA : Submissions thread

  10. entry 2 - longu

    entry 2 - longu

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    *slightly off topic I have the same sentiments as you in a way about eco counting, but the thought that lead me to this belief was tiering. It seems that cost to tier is a function of eco and not the destructive force of the weapon. Take for instance mkVME, tier 3 is 1.1k peds while a DOA...
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    RGA : Submissions thread

    heres one.
  13. entry 1

    entry 1

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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Mangula Many Conqua
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    Calypso Land Deed Update

    50% of PP Gross Revenue = 25% of Calypso Revenue Think it as 50% goes to MA then 50% goes to PP but with CLD the PP gave up 50% of their own stake giving 25%. Therefore 50% of PP gross revenue, not 50% of calypso.