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    Fix this godforsaken lag

    Finally found a fix for the lags and freezes. Start EU, open task manager, click details tab, find eu process, right click > set priority > high, ignore the warning. All fails and freezes gone now, so in my case it was not a network problem, just my old CPU ( 2 cores / 2 threads ) choking up...
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    Sweat Gatherer Skill Points & Profession Level Hall of Fame

    Finally some round numbers :)
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    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    This "all trades are final" is such BS. Even in stock exchange trades are sometimes canceled if there is clearly big technical or human error. (ie. Knight Capital Group case )
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    Buying: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Modified

    BUMP :yay:
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    Buying: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Modified

    Paying PED + CLD, pm me offers 2016 prices please. :)
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    The TP Fee Is Too Damn High!

    Will be "fun" to hunt mobs like dasp after this, its not uncommon for hunter and fapper to die 50+ times there if doing big session (5h<).
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    Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

    Worst idea ever! I voted for candidate B FFS!
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    recent disturbances on website

    Not fixed yet, getting fail messages randomly while healing. Maybe packet loss or something. :mad: [/url][/IMG]
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    Please add an Item Lock feature !

    +1 Make it so.
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    Sweat gatherer Skill and Level Hall of Fame!

    Finally some nice round numbers :)
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    BunnyCare™ Imp Fap Healing Service

    Eomons are coming... :yay:
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    BunnyCare™ Imp Fap Healing Service

    reserved too short
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    BunnyCare™ Imp Fap Healing Service

    Offering healing service with Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Improved. I got 4+ years of healing experience and biggest ears in the game. If you need me just cast a sign of a bunny to the moon, or just pm me, and i will be there asap! Prices: Caly/Foma/CP: 50 PED / h Anywhere else: 50 PED / h +...