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  • You can't download it either? I'm stuck on:

    Same for you? :/
    finnaly anorher cool elder player ..long hair and beards rule lol c ya in game:) lets show the kids how from table strategy we can still advice them gaming..
    Found this for you mate:

    Originally Posted by Entropia Universe ToU
    5.4. Inactivated Account

    You acknowledge and agree that Your Entropia Universe Account will be deemed Inactive if it has not been logged into for a period of three hundred (300) consecutive days.

    You further acknowledge and agree that Your Entropia Universe Account will be Terminated if it is not used for a period of seven hundred and fifty (750) consecutive days (i.e., 450 days after Your Account has been deemed Inactive).

    You hereby explicitly consent that after the period of 750 days of inactivity Your Entropia Universe Account is deemed to have been abandoned by You. You also agree to assign MindArk and/or MindArk's Partner all rights in Your Terminated Entropia Universe Account according to the procedures established in this paragraph 5. You hereby discharge MindArk, any of MindArk's
    damn no wya mate ythat is horrible news :( Which I dont understand either I think u need to be 365 inactive and than u can unlock till 2 years or sometrhing? I am not sure :9 this is really fucked up
    Mate I try to not live at night lol. I am at planet, atm mining near oshiri, I will try to get ons econd life tonight and we can arrange a meet up
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