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  • Dwwiifftoohhh !
    Have a good Holiday, YO !
    Be good and remember to leave cookies for the fat man ! :D

    lol i've just spent over 300 bucks clicking it and haven't gotten crap since the first night lol
    lmao I wont put the blame on you, but 200 USD later and the only good that has come of it is your QR is startin' to look nice lmao!! Nah, I'm having fun though :)
    Whats up man. check out the vids I posted in the youtube section lol. I think you'll enjoy.
    Oh that sucks man. Well i miss seein' ya around. I hope ya get that job situation lined out soon. Hope everything else is well with ya.
    :hug: :wave:
    Hiiiii :D
    was harassing conga - so I thought I should harass you, too :D
    At least without selling shit, you have stuff to log onto, whenever you do get to!! :D
    I figure my loot will pick up in 2012 - so I been just hanging out.
    Still have everything .. but just hanging :D
    anywho dwiftoh - i hope you get a frackin job sometime soon, holmez !!
    Take care hon !! :D :hug:
    stoopid jobs !
    I'm glad you're alive and well ... sorta :silly:
    Not sorta glad ... sorta well - YOU KNOW what I mean, foo !
    Things are good irl .. EU not so much - lol !
    Talk to you soon, I hope !
    What up Slacker !
    The move went ...... well .. let's just say, it went. LOL
    We're here and have the interweb all back together again ! Yay !
    It's super sweet here - couldn't ask for better scenery. But, one thing about living in a tourist town .. all the freaking tourists always clogging up my grocery store and driving like idiots !! Grrrr !!

    Hope all is well with you hon!! cu soon !! :hug:
    lol hey whats up?

    nope never got that promotion. money has been tight. eventually you will see me back on more.
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