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    MA is fast....

    I am out of the Entropia loop since quite a while, so maybe my memory plays tricks on me, but didn't 711 buy vixen's account with his neomaven ava years ago? Maybe 711 can elaborate on what the conditions were under which that was allowed?
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    What do you miss from old Project Entropia?

    I barely log in anymore, but a few things pop to mind: - Finding a beacon (or rather a strange signal) with mining and having to follow that signal to a robot ship guarded by robots which you had to defeat, and then press a button on the ship to loot it. Not knowing if you'd be in time or not...
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    Upcoming Fort Landgrab

    From the Q&A they "answered" a week ago: · LandGrab? We have no information at this time. And a week later there is a developped system ready to be implemented? Always nice when a company is lying. Gives even less value to the already worthless Q&A. Yeah yeah, i know MA isn't SDS, but...
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    Am I scamer or not ?

    If that is true it does change things. In such a case you didn't misinform her.
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    Am I scamer or not ?

    -Mari looted a tooth and had no idea about the market value. -You tell her you're an honest and respectable person and that the tooth is worth nothing more than 5k peds, while you had bought teeth previous to hers for way more. -She trusts you and makes the deal. -Shortly after that she...
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    Ban people from your shop

    I don't get it. They pay you what you ask for it in your shop, so obviously it is/was a price you are willing to sell it for. So people actually buy your stuff and they paid what you wanted. Terrible isn't it? :laugh:
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    Positive things about EU :)

    THE most positive thing about EU are some of the people i have met. Two of them had a huge impact on my life, and i will forever be thankful to both of them. Furthermore i had the pleasure of meeting Hugh Willose and Bogger from my old soc Dark Knights as well. We met last august in Belfast...
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    Asteroid Investment Fond?

    Excellent point. It would be seriously foolish to invest large sums of money into something that is controlled by someone else. Even if YOU do a real good job on managing CND and make a profit, THEY (MA) might fuck up the system where your little paradise resides in. They may even make such bad...
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    How Much is 1 million Nova Fragments worth?

    I object to the fact that Einstein's name and Lorespade's are in the same thread :P
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    We don't need no stinking...

    More than likely because they are not behind the computer themselves. It shouldn't be too hard to create software that autobids on stuff based upon a set of rules, and place it back on auction, also automated. No idea if someone really created/uses such an OCR program, but it would explain a lot.
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    Loot system cracked!?

    Indeed, i would not expect that. Also, i didn't talk about doubling my avatars value in 5 minutes for proof anywhere. Didn't write it, didn't even hint at it. Consistent better returns is what i said.
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    Loot system cracked!?

    I give up mr.proper. Your definition of cracking the system is totally different than mine :) Things like quitting when loot is bad, staying when loot is good, only craft lvl2 or higher bp's so you have a chance on L bp's, using the right gear and whatnot, will all improve your return slightly...
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    Is the lack of recorded history ingame a problem?

    You might wanna try to contact Radical (radical porg rand). If i remember correctly he had(has) RL means of contacting Stumdoes. Radical has an EF account, but i am not sure how often he checks PM's of course.
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    Loot system cracked!?

    As Darkfire said, MA knows the odds and that they will get a certain % cut, certainly over the long run. That's where those boundaries come in. They may "loosen" the boundaries if a lot of peds were spent so the odds for a global or hof are temporary higher, they may "tighten" the boundaries if...
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    Loot system cracked!?

    Yes, of course i knew the boundaries of the formulas, i knew the chances, the likelyhood of things to "drop", but that doesn't do you much good in predicting the next outcome does it? To make my piont really clear and simply: If i deal you a card you know with 100% accuracy it will be 1 of the...