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    MindArk Buys Back Calypso Land Deeds

    Yes indeed i know, i though "buy back" was obvious enough
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    CLD Auction Fee

    they haven´t changed the auction fees on anything .....
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    Smilgs hunting log

    you should focus on playing the game more , then giving advice.. cuz hunting small levis just tell all how new you are... but still you try to give advice... when you belive in "magic hippy skippie 101% TT profit"
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    Do you believe?

    back in the old days, when ubers were profiting the noobs wanted to skill up so they also could profit.. now i donno :P is it even possible atm :P ? (you gotta pay to profit) nothing is for free and should not be ergo skill etc its not healty for the game if ppl dont have any goals.. back in...
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    Do you believe?

    yea i belive taming was reintroduced 3 years ago....
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    Question: Unreasonable return since last VU

    oh well since my mining data was not good enough for the hunting thread ^^ i migh aswell bitch here about it :) TT cost 45023,5 loot back = 24638,04 = 54,72% return TT wise and i was running around with mostly lvl5 but some 7 and 8 amps depending of the Mu of them.. at that time my target was...
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    Help: An Attempt to put Hunting TT Returns in perspective...

    bleh hunting all the work for nothing then ^^
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    Question: Unreasonable return since last VU

    yea loot sucks big times.. not only that but they say they reduced the aution fee´s wich they have not done... and ofc loot have been bugged many times.. prob now also and its not the last time either. atleast we all can agree on MA are good at making promises.. but not keeping them........
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    Entropia Universe 12.8 Release Notes

    checking with my excel sheet.. and they have done nothing to the auction fee´ another lie from MA ?
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    Recent Market Manipulation?

    love all the pointless "market manipulation" threads after MA added it to the EULA... before it was only one thing to do adept...and in the case of crafting... stop supply to the market and the market will decide what price is fair not you to begin with. if it bug´s you so much make a support...
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    Harassment in Space PvP???

    just remove warp and make mothership "flyable" ... cuz their speed from beginning have been crap.. and i agree on with whoever posted...if you logout you will spawn the nearest SS
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    Primordial Longu

    bown is the new black :)
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    Explain the improved loot system!

    yea they have never changed the loot ^^ right... lol gtfo MA.. just think about this...if MA can fuck up every thing els.. why not the loot? ofc they fucked up the damn loot at many points of this games history just stating that they never done anything with it its plain fraud and yea.. im...
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    Return Ores in PVP mob loot please !!!!!

    sadly its a trend that MA have started...remove mining stuff from hunting dont take away what makes the mob good to hunt
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    Pvp4 hunting/mining

    well pvp4 was "high" mu low TT.... and now its... low mu.. low tt ?? no point of risking loot.. only the constant low TT in PVP4 was laughable but atleast mu coverd some part of it... "improving loot" lol fuck you MA