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    News: Version Update 17.5.0 Sneak Peek

    I guess when they change the UI they also fix the help texts that have been wrong for like ten years (check the help in private trade panel)? Don't get me wrong, the general idea of making the UI components look alike came up with the switch to CryEngine, but e.g., the auction house only...
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    Question: 15.17.0 Release Notes / loot when alone in team

    Developers are NOT decision makers! It's beyond me why there's always the need to blame the developers. It's the management. Repeat after me: m.a.n.a.g.e.m.e.n.t. Management. They make decisions, they tell the developers what they should do. And another thing: if something works as intended...
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    Undo on sticky notes & Searchable message center

    Yep, undo would be useful. Also scrolling with the mouse-wheel.
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    New Mob Content

    Oh, thanks, I didn't know that one... Kind of sad.
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    New Mob Content

    So nobody wants to fight Neo, Trinity, Morpheus or all those Agent Smiths. Anyone afraid to take the red pill?
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    Does anyone know why MA will give us a mob counter ?

    Those 96% are a theoretical value as you'd only get it if you really hit that one spot on your loot-path. Nobody knows where that spot is, i.e. how many PEDs need to be cycled and - depending on how much time you play EU - how many hours, weeks, months or even years that would take. E.g...
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    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    Yeah, I saw somebody in practice mode today looting boxes and tokens.
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    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    They don't seem to drop in practice modes, but they do in the real action. I saw it happening on streams, M Tokens and boxes popped up.
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    Entropia Universe 17.4.1 Release Notes

    I posted this for VU 17.3.2 That's gone and back to "normal" :( After 40 minutes (or even less) at the sweat circle at Royal's it hits 4GB RAM and it starts to stutter. Only a relog helps.
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    Entropia Universe 17.4.1 Release Notes

    That is true of course. And I didn't want to make it sound as a general dislike towards the fix. It's always good when Mindark fixes a bug including the ones I don't (directly) profit from. However, the stickiness of players and flying behaviour of mobs exists for several years now. And nothing...
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    Entropia Universe 17.4.1 Release Notes

    So it's not OK for a mothership to get stuck in a space station or asteroid, but it's OK for players to get stuck in trees, water, coasts, walls, ... and for flying mobs to fly into and under the ground. Uhm... OK :scratch2:
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    Question: What Are the Plans About Graphics?

    I'm not asking about content or quantity, this is just about the quality of graphics. The current rendering engine isn't new and an update seems reasonable from a player's perspective. I understand that not everybody owns the latest computer hardware, but that's what such engines usually deal...
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    Congrats to MA for a flawless VU

    Who says that this isn't their exact plan to "balance the system" as they see it? If they make it harder for us to profit from the markups it basically means that more will deposit to keep their style of playing the game going. I mean this doesn't target the concerned individuals that try to...
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    Wanted: lazy mentor

    I'm interested. I've always wanted a disciple that knows their way around and basically needs a place to be a disciple and work up to graduation. You just need to give me the impression that you are playing and get your level up. I don't care how fast you do that. From my own experience I can...
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    Entropia Universe 17.3.2 Release Notes

    Yes, it's better now. I can even stay longer in-game before I have to relog because of the memory utilisation. When staying at the sweating circle at Royal's I had to relog after about 40 minutes before this VU, now it seems to be more like 60 minutes, which is quite an improvement IMHO. This...