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    Buying: A105 Improved (Found)

    Well, title says it all Paying +2400 ped Cheers! Edit: Amp purchased, thread locked
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    Buying: Weapon (ArMatrix, FEN, Vengeance, i2870 etc)

    Possibly also interested in melee-versions with good efficiency, such as Weak Argonaut Claws FEN or similar! Dont be shy, toss me a PM!
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    Buying: Weapon (ArMatrix, FEN, Vengeance, i2870 etc)

    Looking to buy a good weapon to use as primary, feel free to toss me a PM with what you have for sale. Examples: ArMatrix LP/LR/BP/LB MacMahon Vengeance Omegaton M2870 Improved As long as the weapon is about 70÷ or more efficient unamped, or if its a weapon/amp combo 80÷+ efficient Budget...
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    Selling: WTS/WTT my Igni L1100E T8 + PED for your Vengeance

    Hello forum dwellers, As title states, i am looking for an upgrade, so my Omegaton Igni L1100E is now for sale or trade, pretty nice TIR numbers (128/200 if my memory serves, will add a screenshot tomorrow) Looking for the cheapest Vengeance on the market to upgrade to, so hit me with a...
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    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    The mini mayhem tho, seriously, its crowded in the domes with 4 people there, how on earth is this even supposed to work with 500 ppl in each dome trying to get tokens? o.O i SERIOUSLY hope that they make the domes instanced during the event...
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    Buying: Auto-Loot pet

    Wishing to buy an autoloot pet, does not need to have it unlocked i can train it myself if need be :) As cheap as possible! PM or doodle down your offers below // Exo
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    Selling: M83 Predator T4.9

    Daily bumperoo, a couple interested parties, nothing set yet, keep em offers coming!
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    Selling: M83 Predator T4.9

    Taking offers on Omegaton M83 Predator T4.9 PM please
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    Buying: Adj Resto

    Paying in peds, TT+4k Hit me up here or in game // Exo
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    Selling: Around 1400 PED TT Arkoins

    PM Offers here or ingame
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    Buying: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted - ADJ FAP

    PM me here or in game if you have one ADJ FAP for sale
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    Selling: Adjusted Jaguar full set (M)

    sold!, thread closed
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    Selling: Adjusted Jaguar full set (M)

    Title says it all, its untiered basically (few ticks here or there) Taking offers, PS. no item/cld/aud trades of any kind // Exo