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    Mindarks todo list/fix list 2021

    I used to deposit large sums of PED per fortnight. Over the years this has become zero. I now deposit in the stock market, my money grows and I get good returns. This game used to be an investment, now nothing changes year after year! Spawn, I have known you in-game for a very long time, you...
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    Buying: Dark Knight of Arkadia Thighs UL

    Tis true, but I hear that shins dropped recently. So there is hope. I will do a few runs when I have the time, maybe get lucky.
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    Buying: Gothic Angel Statue, Unique

    Any luck anyone?
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    Buying: Gothic Angel Statue, Unique

    Only one in game, owned by skywalker. always a chance it can drop
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    Buying: Gothic Angel Statue, Unique

    Hi all If the Halloween Death Angel statue drops again, I am offering 2500PED for it. Regards Bjorn
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    Buying: Dark Knight of Arkadia Thighs UL

    Hi Buying Dark Knight of Arkadia Thighs UL. Offering 10000PED Regards Bjorn
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    Question: Arkadian Golden Door

    Hi Planet Arkadia has three excellent unlimited armour types; Dark Knight of Arkadia DuneRider SandStormer These were supposed to drop in the Golden Door instance. This is a high stakes instance, keys cost players up to 3000PED each and it is expected that every couple of runs will yield at...
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    Starfinder/Privateer Pilot weapon

    Dear Devs There are 70 or so Starfinders/Privateers in game. One of the most annoying features as an owner is the lack of a pilot weapon. When flying solo to hunt space mobs or fight off pirates you need to stop the ship, change to a gunner seat, shoot away, swap back to pilot seat and continue...
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    Achievement: Killstrike unlocked

    Welcome to the club
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    For those of us who grew up in the 1980s...
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    Price Check Shadow set (M) UL

    Remember the days when they were 100K each
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    Gratz, how did you get past the massive Boss in the waves
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    Selling: 1 Stamina = 100 Stamina Tokens = 10.000 Rare Pleak Wings

    Honest player, very helpful!
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    Hello again from the Community Relations Manager

    Hi MY I would strongly suggest the CEO make a statement. We as your clients have no idea what the current roadmap is. We asked many questions in the previous AMA and it would be pointless unless we get clear answer. I will give you an example Question: MindArk created Landplots/Snug buildings...
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