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    Price Check Shadow set (M) UL

    Remember the days when they were 100K each
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    Gratz, how did you get past the massive Boss in the waves
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    Selling: 1 Stamina = 100 Stamina Tokens = 10.000 Rare Pleak Wings

    Honest player, very helpful!
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    Hello again from the Community Relations Manager

    Hi MY I would strongly suggest the CEO make a statement. We as your clients have no idea what the current roadmap is. We asked many questions in the previous AMA and it would be pointless unless we get clear answer. I will give you an example Question: MindArk created Landplots/Snug buildings...
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    Devs a surgical face mask suggestion

    Devs Seeming that the whole world is in the depths of COVID, why not put surgical face masks in game as well? Options of different colours and custom colour/texture options? Cheers Bjorn
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    Question: Tezlapod skin

    Does Tezlapod still drop its skin/hide. I havent seen any on auction in years. Cheers Bjorn
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    New Forum Opinion

    It's clean...why did all my points go and my Signature
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    Entropia Universe Merchandise Sale

    Well, it has been exactly 3 months and still no package from MindArk. They asked me for an order number in the support case, but I don't have this. Surely they should have a record of the transaction? Not heard from them in 2 weeks now...
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    Bring back our stars

    Once upon a time, veteran players who had contributed to the forum collected stars. Then 'star gate' happened and they were removed due to some infighting. My suggestion would be that if you collect enough rep to gain a star, it becomes a permanent mark on your profile, unless removed by a...
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    Entropia Universe Merchandise Sale

    Did anyone receive an order number or email when they made the purchase? All I have is my credit card transaction.
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    Webshop orders?

    Hey I ordered some items from the 75% off sale on March 31. My creditcard was debited by MindArk without issue. The goods still haven't arrived in Australia. Anyone else having this issue? Bjorn
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    Suggestion: Mind Force "Wallet"

    Great idea, I would support that. Maybe also increasing the storage limit on planetary inventory from 500 to 2000 items and make the storage terminals have interplanetary accessibility.
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    Selling: Starfinder for sale taking best offer.

    Oh, what peak was that? A Starfinder with a SI of 20K would be around 55-60KPED depending on cost of Gold to upgrade the SI over the years. 50KPED is lowball IMO.
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    Is there a copyright issue with the Mankini? I don't understand why of all things Manikinis' are planet bound? How much of the Rocktopia stuff, which has no SciFi association at all be allowed to be spawned on other planets. ie various race cars, etc I agree the Mankini should be freed, I also...