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    If you had 20k PED to "invest" in the game right now, how would you spend it?

    AUD's? Really? Have you seen how dead Arkadia is? They can't even be bothered to spawn Huons on their LA any more... Yea there's still some activity in the Underground but how long will this last without anybody managing anything... Neah, that's just another a time bomb ticking towards a...
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    Player ignores me for asking for 5 ped discount

    Relax, it's not about you and your 5 peds. There's a bigger picture you're apparently not aware of. There's ppl in EU who's entire job is to try to make living using this tactic. Some (not all!) of those ppl, you can imagine, will get rather ruthless and annoying. Haven't banned anyone yet, but...
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    Buying: Shadow F UL parts

    (All except Thighs)
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    Question: High level players sweating

    I'm 132 agi and I sometimes sweat out of sheer nostalgia. If you know how this works, you know.... and if not, I can't even begin to explain it. The endless sea of green dots in the sweat camp near old PA... this was the heart of the game. Not the ubers, not even the sweet sweet HoFs everybody...
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    Project Entropia

    Love your comment, I really do. :) Now, to play a devil's advocate, human brain is an adaptation machine. Which means we can do something as counter intuitive as enjoy 8 bit graphics and even anime. And eventually totally forget that it "doesn't look real"... all that remains is game-play...
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    Help: Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long...

    1st global of my 2nd ava. 1st one lasted less than a year, so I still missed the very 1st true PE years. Still it was fun to hunt on the argo field near Twins, way more fun than now. First love is the best love I guess...
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    Project Entropia

  8. Another guides event, it was something about taking pictures of avatars.jpg

    Another guides event, it was something about taking pictures of avatars.jpg

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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Blues Rock, Baby! (playlist)
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    Opportunity for MA to technologically advance in Artificial Intelligence

    Two observations about NPC AI in games: 1. Yes, it tends to be better in other games. Slightly better in MMO's, considerably better in single player shooters. 2. Nobody knows how to make AI significantly better in big MMO's. The more complex you make the AI algorithm the more computing power...
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    I feel scammed

    Good post narfi! Also, too many good points in other posts to count them all. You learn to appreciate opposing viewpoints over the years because it allows you to do magic. What magic you may ask? The magic of rising above the problem, on the new level entirely. So we have set the stage here...
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    I feel scammed

    Well, yes and no. Halloween Mayhem and the larger framework of FEN are not exactly the same thing. But, fair enough, you still have a valid point there. Regardless, I would claim there is a certain demographic within EU that shares Kerham's sentiment and it would in fact have a positive effect...
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    I feel scammed

    Good thread, if you're new around here and don't know much about the game, you can learn a lot. Five years ago I would have agreed with Evey 100%. Because it's all true. Eleven years ago when I joined I did have the same attitude as Kerham... and I have had the same attitude many times much...
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    No tere, külamees!

    No tere, külamees!