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    Imagine everyone have 100% TT returns, would the game survive?

    I kind of like the old system before 2.0 loot and i like the 2.0 loot.But i dont like that when u hunt the only thing u get is damn shrapnel or other no MU crap. Even when u look at those hofs for what people brags and makes them happy is 99% shrap again. The excitement is gone. They suppose to...
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    Help: Pro hunters pls help

    Hello there, Why not?Every PE story is a good story and worth to read it,just people doesnt like bullsh**ing or lies. I would read it 1st.Every advice u can get from stories like those are good ones even if there is something bad,still u can use it for not doing the same. You should try it :D
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    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes

    I dont think the items gonna loose on their value,it just shows different numbers compared from before.Eather way if u have lower stats u going to gain it way slower.Its kind of the same or at least similar.Higher number on tiers,faster u going to upgrade it.. Maybe i am wrong..
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    Question: Best mid-range UL BLP Rifle/Pistol for 3-6k ped

    They were so many on sales on a forum lately. If i find i will post you a link
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    Question: Best mid-range UL BLP Rifle/Pistol for 3-6k ped

    Hello there, Have u considered Calytrek Spirit Mk1? Itia a good option and in range for your budget. Regards
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    Banned from the #trade and #calytrade

    My point of view : I was moderator of some "chat" programms long time ago and what can i say is we need to know what is spamming? What i mean by that is we need to know the rules of each chat/trade channel. In this case i sow so many people spamming the trades channels over over again and i...
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    PlanetCalypsoForum Help How To Submit A Ticket For Forum Help?

    I think when you create an account,confirm it by e-mail you need to wait couple of days or something until admins or moderators approves it.If i remember correctly i waited aswell maybe a week or more,can't remember. Regards
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    Selling: This Items /armor /guns/faps/cips & few

    Ik xP but easier to find 1 part then full set as far as i can see on trades
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    Selling: ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition

    Hello there, May i know for what price did u sell for? Thank you
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    Selling: Selling my outfit (F)

    Damn,i like how it looks.I wish i am at home,damn COVID
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    Selling: This Items /armor /guns/faps/cips & few

    Hello there, This guy is looking for the rx2 set if u didnt see
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    I just pointed to this because if you just put tt in /out with this numbers,they could be worse when u include MU on gear etc or get better depending on your loots and MU on them... Maybe 2 minutes more work,but the results will be more accurate. Just my humble opinion Regards Edvin
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    Yeah,i think there is lack of infos, same as for MU you pay for items,MU you gain from loots. Everything suppose to be including,otherwise the % he shows isnt correct...
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    Hello there, Just 1 question,do you count the markup u pay for items in TT IN / TT OUT Regards