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    Uber: nice amount of lumis

    Very nice indeed- gratz!
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    Where is the tutorial about PC on signs?

    Look under Galleria/EU Art- it is the sticky there. However if my pics are anything to go by tho PC art is mostly not functioning at the moment, so you may not be able to make any pics currently.
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    Entropia Universe Mini-Update 9.4.1

    Well on that basis we should perhaps start looking out for them mid-2010 :)
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    Question: How do you pronounce Loughlin?

    "Lock-lin" is closest imo, as in "McLoughlin", "Loch Lomond" or "Belfast Lough". The Shorter Oxford Dictonary on Historical Principles (3rd edition 1993) says: "The normal pronunciation of the English word has been superseded by that of [the Irish word] "loch". Much of Northumbria (where the...
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    Player Content Questions.

    From the Participant Guide link on the top of the EU login page; look under Ad System Guide, Private signs and screens section: Fees A standard upload fee of 30 PED. A dynamic upload fee of 5 PEC/Kb based on the size of the uploaded content. An content value deposit (25 percent of the...
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    Customizable Elique Screen (PC)?

    Basically if you have a picture frame marked PC (Participant Content) you can import any digital image that meets the (tight) size and shape requirements. People have created artwork from Calypso screenshots, photos, their own rl paintings etc. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts (see siggie) for lots...
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    Achievement: 5 Pets Control :) I am happy

    Looks like a big achievement to me :) Congratulations!
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    HoF: MAs small birthday present

    Very nice birthday present- Gratz Pirx :)
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    Is the bubble about to blow?

    Possible but not inevitable; as you say negotiation will be needed. The result could range anywhere between: -Developers' cartel: all planet owners agree limits to what any one of them can do. For example: each planet allowed the same number of x2 skills days per year, each can introduce one...
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    Is the bubble about to blow?

    These events do two things. One is to get First Planet (not just MA in general) more usable income, as several ppl have pointed out. But secondly they of course get players more skills. Why does that matter to First Planet? Maybe because the new planets will each use different combinations of...
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    Question: Paintings

    ... and you can see about 60 of those available in the Entropia Museum of Fine Arts- see siggie for details.
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    Martial arts, finally!

    Very :) Gratz!
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    Next Island website updated!

    Presumably this also means that there will be one all-EU Balancing Team (rather than separate teams for each planet) as otherwise decisions made on different planets could significantly affect the economies of others. The 3 for 1 skills event is a recent example; a planet owner creating a series...
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    Question: Housing questions

    If you go to Atlas Island South you can see all the three main types of Calypso house close together in one place. There are also the ones at Minopolis, which are quite different, and those on Treasure Island which are different again. Within some types there are one or two variations; the...
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    A detailed chart about how the 1 usdollar for each hour gameplay works

    Two other things to add into the mix: -many currencies have weakened against the dollar recently so, for example, a UK player investing in pounds now is getting around 25% less dollars/peds than before. So playing for one dollar a day costs more than it used to for many people. The dollar...