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  • Firefly
    Merry Christmas and I look forward to a new year full of success and continued friendship in 2009. Thanks for all your support during the year and I am proud to have you on my friends list.
    ty very much miss for your rep!!!
    i am skilling a lot in hunt but my returns are very bad!!:(
    Geez, nothing worse than seeing a bored model spamming the forum...get out there and hunt lady!!!!
    Brisbane meet for all soon...keep you posted.
    :) Ignore her Jane ... we sometimes do not have enough of some things or too much of others . However , a - rep is not the way to cool down :S
    Hiya Ozi, yup there's a few of us floatin around. Good to meet ya (via EF) catch up with ya laters huh, till then tc hf & gl :)
    thought I'd drop by and say G'day, nice to find another Aussie on EF
    rofl, yup got some beauty sleep :p Hope that was not the best tip ya got from the ubers ya was talking too lol. Ya know I want the tips with tag attached says "Show me the money" :)
    Laters Bags ;)
    Hey you...hope ur getting ur sleep and not playing EU all night like I caught you doing the other night. Just doing my friendslist rounds ;)

    Thank you for the +rep!! I try to share what I can, if I only had more time to create ;>
    Hmmm so this is where I reply to visitors message then? Maybe lol. Yup, got lot to learn here still hehe, & where do I find the lill icons? (smilies etc) All I can see is color, but donno if that working either lol anyways catch ya in game nar :)
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