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    What game interests you besides EU ?

    Hmm, let's see. Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2. Starcraft 2 Minecraft Been playing some Stalker. Recently got Titan Quest because it was on special on steam... And about 20 other games that I occasionally play :D. I should really just focus on a few :laugh:.
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    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    Oh wow I just saw this news. It's scary, but it's no thriller.
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    My worst hunt ever, thanks Mindark.

    Ouch that's harsh, it's happened to me more times than I can remember where I get disconnected straight after I kill a mob. If everyone in the region gets disconnected, than it's MA's fault and it's such a large deterrent to new players. :( But oh well, it could have been worse :). MA should at...
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    Thanks Fishface :)

    Hmm, is it possible to lose one if you jump while it's flying? Sorry I've never owned a vehicle and have no idea what happens when you leave the vehicle out in the open :D.
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    Content 11.3.0 RELEASE

    Ooo imagine attacking flying mobs with the VTOL :yay::yay:.
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    Content 11.3.0 RELEASE

    hm? Just wondering, how big's the update? My bandwidth is reaching the limit and if it's less than 50MB I'll be ok, thanks in advance :D.
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    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    279! Teu Saventeh Nyne!
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    FYI: Gateway if unchanged presents possible problem with Gold Farmers!

    I don't see why sweaters wouldn't do this. From what I've seen getting PED from the gateway is faster than sweating, a person could just create multiple avatars over different IP's and make more PED than they ever could sweating. There should be a way to prevent this, otherwise sweating will...
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    Is this normal?

    Sorry but I would have to sort of disagree here, I seem to get globals more often when I do very, very short runs ;). I've had a 528PED Snable-Male Young HOF, a 658PED Daikiba Mature HOF, and I had a 466PED Melchi HOF on my first few ever probes just a few meters north of Zychions. The wierd...
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    Found a flying pyramid

    It's what the robot spaceships now look like, banks! Lazy MA.
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    Having fun in PE! :)

    Oh yes, that IS pre-Vu10 Shana! :yay:
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    Bring back Mindforce Effects & Dancing!

    Bump Bump for the better.
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    Star vs Chuck Norris

    A snake bit Chuck Norris, after a few days of intense pain the snake died. Star stands no chance.
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    Question: Did entropia make you smarter?

    It anything I'd is became dumberer. I've been just getting through school ever since I started playing EU.
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    Not that bad of an idea, but honestly there's too much crap going on in entropia right now, so many systems need to be reintroduced, while many more new ones are coming in. Still I wouldn't mind this idea, like I don't mind nearly all of the ideas in EF. They could be 'disposable' possibly? With...