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  • Lol NP, But the truth about how MA managed to take it ALL back with a HUGE intrest might be more intresting ;)
    Hi I guess i was just lucky, or as many refers 2 say "a choosen" one for a lil while. This hunt was one of the best ever. Ive been playing EU since feb 2006, and all i ever had as UBERS is an argo raider that paid me 5468 Last June. Then a year of losses and only one drop coming close 2 an UBER a drone ONE :S paid me 968 peds around xmas. Then like 3-4 weeks agoo all of a sudden i was allowed 2 find a Niksarium worth 968 peds and a few days after another HUGE argo worth 12235 Peds my Best ever on July 14th. Invested in Phantom shins and tighs couldnt find a full set 2 a decent price:( And as im absolutly possitive that someone WILL find another HUGE ruga find im not willing 2 pay 12 K or more 4 a full set :) Went a lil crazy when it came to hunting. Been wasting a few Apis guns (NOT to economical) Up 2 this hunt i managed 2 Loose around 8 K peds :S. So this UBER nice Phasm hunt was kinda a lil compensation :) Im not sure there is any good tips 2 give in this game, cause somehow it doesnt seem as skills do matter 2 much. Just look at the HOF lists. Theres UBER mobs that i wouldnt dream of try 2 kill mixed with Snable youngs on top :) But as i did. I listened 2 a good friend who had 2 ESIs in 2 days with Hight TT from phasms. That and the fact ive had some cool mining finds dow there made me go and try them. ESIs seems 2 drop from certain mobs in wawes :) Might just be a coincident might be fact. Who knows. Another thing i usually do when it comes 2 decide what 2 hunt is IF i feel a certain mob havent had a really GOOD HOF in quite a while. Then i will try them 4 a few hunts, cause i have a feeling that might go in wawes 2:) Just look at my argo UBER. They used 2 have LOTS of UBER drops a couple of VUs back. Now not 2 many. Then all of a sudden BAM my 12 K+ came. The day after another lucky guy got a 16 K +. and i belive there has been 2 more over 10 K since 14th july. The funniest part is Argos paid off extreamly well 4 me about the same time last year:) Anyways. I belive u have 2 be very lucky 2 get hunts like this. Theres no way 2 predict this things :) None that i know of at least. So i wish u all out there the best of luck.
    Hey! Just saw your great Phasm hunt! I write for an online daily for MMOGs, mind if I write up an article on it?

    Any tips for other hunters?
    Is this your best hunt so far?

    Let me know!

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