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    Entropia Universe 17.4 Release Notes

    I just built a 16 core super computer for AI training, 128 gb ram, and out of memory error already as well. LOL
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    FYI: LAG

    While there may not be a software bug to fix I can almost guarantee this issue lies in the routing hardware, which I dont think MA controls or owns. I have seen these exact kinds of issues before on massive scale routing equipment (I was one of the guys who tested and bug fixed during design...
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    Question: Impact of Armor on Defense skill gains

    I would answer yes, armor directly accelerates the acquisition of defense skills by allowing you to take bigger hits, longer. At a certain point your evader wont move very fast at all without armor that allows you to take the hits for hours on end for many high end mobs (since low mobs just wont...
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    Dev Notes #21 - Tiering & Enhancer System Changes

    As a Texan would say- Remember the Tieramo! the Leviathan lover - Free Tiery! Blue faced scots - Tiiieeeerrrrdom!
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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    I do wonder if you had been using a VPN to access Entropia ever. For those not aware, China owns most of them, and they offer the illusion of security at the expense of risk. Using VPN's for work are part of China's intellectual property theft schemes they have pushed for years now. They will...
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    Sentosa's Reach - Mega Loot & Paid Globals

    Good luck with the land, good to see you own it!
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    List of official statments pertaining to loot post 2.0

    People should realize that when you buy a land area, you are buying the tax. The Planet partner or MA has the option to sell an area of tax in lieu of capital. CLD is assigning the tax income of 1/2 of all Calypso (non taxed) to players. Only with CLD the players cannot control the tax, it is...
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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    Good luck on this, I remember in the past when MA would block entire countries from access in the name of security. Seems they need to upgrade their staff.
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    1 million creatures killed

    Got the 1 million creatures killed achievement yesterday on RT. :handgun: Wraps up all the million achievements there, 1 million blp rounds, 1 million laser rounds, 1 million items crafted. I need a life....... :banghead:
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    Question: Hyperinflated USD might actually be happening now. Is there a contingency plan?

    America is no longer on the gold standard so precious metals are a separate beast, and highly speculative, and very unpractical for any scenorio people claim it will be worthwhile. Good luck finding a gold buyer in the middle of an literally would have more value in ammo. Betting...
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    I do want to add for ND's sake.... Ive had a few chats with quite a few people on my Twitch streams about your content (you would be suprised how much ND music is requested ;)) and contributions to the game. Despite all of the negativity and assumptions people can make, there are plenty of...
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    Suggestion: developments regarding blockchain technology

    People should really seriously consider the issues this would bring before trying to suggest such a drastic change to a game and system that already works well for more than 15 years. This is a bad idea, and would only put a bullseye target on the game and its systems to become regulated to...
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    OLA#30 Combibo Stalker & Berycled Stalker

    Awesome, grats on the land! Great land for a great owner!
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    Hey , Awesome, I am North of Denver. Prob only 2 hours away or so. I've seen you around a few...

    Hey , Awesome, I am North of Denver. Prob only 2 hours away or so. I've seen you around a few times I know that, glad to meet ya.
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    woot a freak detection bot! Oh wait that cant be micah can it? :)

    woot a freak detection bot! Oh wait that cant be micah can it? :)