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    Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info

    Ok, updated the original post with all the info people added since I last did 4 years ago lol. Also changed the colors of mob names and rewards to make it easier to read since the forum changed from when I orignally posted it.
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    Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info

    Rather shocked to see people still using this lol :)
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    Buying: Full Merry Mayhem (F)

    I have one.. OP, GL finding the F set!
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    In-game Radio

    RT still has it
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    LOOT the TAXMAN! Mining & Hunting : Weekly Payouts

    Register Fyrs Fyrs Yced
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    Is the Adj Ares just a myth ?

    Yes it is in game as I used to own one. You cannot rely on auction orders to show it as there are many, many items it is me ! :)
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    Buying: CAT 3 Winning Weapons

    I have a T8.6 Nano Katana I bought for tt+7000.30 earlier this year I can sell you for the same since I really have not used it.
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    Question: Price for taming

    You can level a panther pet to level 7 with 6.25 tt of nutrio. Have leveled over 30 of them to level 7 so am speaking from experience. Cannot exactly tell from your post but if you are wanting someone to level it for you I have a level 7 sitting in my RT shop i can trade you for it plus ped.
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    Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info

    Good to know they finally got that fixed! Thanks :)
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    Kevin Rudolf Video Competition

    Nothing wrong with a good nerco on occasion :)
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    Server Downtime for Patch

    lol... servers will be going down for maintenance in 50 minutes have been disconnected... servers are currently offline for maintenance someone at MA with the itchy trigger finger
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    Selling: Gold rush 2016 armor (m) - full set

    Xanato Xan Kaso is looking for a set if you want to pm him