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  • would you please tell us whats happening to you.

    it's slowly getting nasty!
    You're eerily quiet.

    I don't see you in game and you don't send me any updates on what is happening and why i STILL don't have my peds you owe me.

    So do me a favour Xing (and if you're offended by this, then so be it) if i OWE someone MONEY, i would make it my Nr1 responsibility to inform them what is going on.

    As it stands now, i have NO communication from you WHATSOEVER. I don't know if oyu scammed me, or if something happened IRL which is keeping you occupied. PLEASE, i need to cash out and i don't want to lose 2.2K ped for nothing.

    So if you have any decency, please, PM me, set up a time we can meet in game and just give me the ped you owe me, you can take any profit from sales done with it i don't care, i just want my items worth back.

    I hope you have a good explination or if you really DID scam me, then at least have the balls and tell me so, so i can cash out what i have and not waste further time waiting for someone to keep their word.
    Man if you get there please tell me something throw skype or ingame In case I dont notice
    What's up man?
    What's made of you?
    when you're back pls log in skype I need to talk with you
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