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  • Merry Christmas to you Garek!
    Was a pleasure to meet you this year :)
    Hope the year to come brings you plenty of smiles along the way
    Thank you very much for the extremely kind words :)
    Was a pleasure getting to know you during WoF and meeting you in Perth this year :)
    Best of luck and see you in there ;)

    Haven't seen you since WOF. Ran across you at some out of the way Revival Outpost recently but I think you were either on Auto or AFK. Glad to see your still around after V10. You may not recognise the Av but the name you might.

    C Ya

    P.S. Nice write up for Aly mate. I now reside with Antipodean Army myself after an invite when I was freelancing for a while.
    Hey buddy i just reinstalled Windows so i dont have Entropia now... I hope you will receive my msg when i will write to you from Perth.. See you soon...
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