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    The Guardians and Doms are north of the SK area and the Olds and Provs are west of the SK area.
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    There is a medium spawn of Guardians and Dominants at 37100, 60100. If you go closer to the SK swamp, the maturity goes down to Olds and Providers. Respawn rate seems pretty high too so the location can be used for a daily mission.
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    The whole clearing at those coords has groups of 4 or 5 diripi in them. They tend to stay underground but a little jumping while walking backwards usually will get them to pop up.
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    I can confirm a spawn using the directions from TontonX above. Maturity is Young to Provider so far. Spawn is kinda low but enough to get a daily done. Coords: [Calypso, 67963, 77107, 109, Waypoint] Saw small snabbles and exaros there too but not many.
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    As of about a year ago, this location no longer has Osseo. 71400, 75100 SW Eurus
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    Despite the fancy advertisement for El Dorado above, the current contents of the LA are so mixed with various mobs you have to kill five mobs to find one Plumatergus. In addition, they are smaller maturities. You will find Argos, Sabakuma, Merps, Exarosaur and Tripudion all standing in your...
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    Best spawn of Rippersnapper I've found so far` The entire lake south of Nymphtown is full of Lil' Rippers (for the Steve Irwin fans out there). Around the island the spawn is low to medium and maturity is in the lower levels (Youngs to Guardians). For higher maturities, go to the bay on the...
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    Update for AOL 30 area This used to be approximately: 90% Combibo Prowler to Stalker 10% Mourner Young to Old (mostly Youngs) Now it has changed dramatically to: 30% Berycled Stalker 45% Mourner Young to Old (still mostly Youngs) 25% Combibo Prowler to Stalker Net result of changes: Since...
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    Phasm pups? I just saw an 86 ped global on a Phasm Pup. Where are they? Tameable?
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    Vomit Bucket

    But WHYYYYYYYYY? I didn't even play long enough to get sick. When I found out the MA programmers (who had the best movement interface of any game I've played and worked flawlessly) had now inexplicably changed the keyboard mapping after I've been pushing the same keys for over 14 years...
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    Clean spawn mentioned above The spawn is still active and no mixed mobs. The nearest tp is Fort Argus and if you head north the spawn extends as far south as (76200, 94000). Mostly Young to Old. Only saw two Providers while killing 50 for the Daily.
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    Update to previous post Still empty at Deino.
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    Update to last post The spawn of Droka is more west of the crater than northwest as I mentioned above. I was able to find about 6-7 Defenders (enough to finish the Enigma mission) in about 15 minutes, which includes killing the Droka who attacked as well. There was also 1 or 2 in the Drone...
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    April post from Mega no longer accurate I checked all coords near Ithaca, then checked all near Defenders in sight, not even one. I didn't check the Minopolis coords since it was eating up my Mind Essence chasing my tail following the post. I'm headed to the NW corner outside...
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    Selling: Pets 4 Sale!!!

    Unfortunately, someone telling you an arbitrary value for an item isn't quite as rock-solid as an actual sale is for assessing an item's value. I honestly hope both of you find your deep-pocket buyers for this cool pet. However, if either of you decides to sell for 600, please contact me...