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    Help: Stuck in Space, bug is NOT FIXED!!!!!!

    Did not read the whole thread... but saw AJ's post, made me want beer, off to the pub... AJ your invited, drinks on me ;P
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    Entro-pia Fleet Alliance a Growing Community !

    Nice to see the EFA has gone from strength to strength, independent captains coming together to provide safe, affordable travel, with no hidden charges, no demands made on crew or captains. Pretty much its the closest thing to a community driven enterprise in the space travel market. Really...
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    EU is a Game!!!

    I remind you again... the title of this thread is 'EU is a game!!!' My original post showed mindark's webpage info on google, nothing more. (okay and a little humor, not directed at anyone) EU being a MMOG can have relationships, trust, friends, experiences and even a cherry on top if the...
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    EU is a Game!!!

    Start more than a car with the all-new Focus Nope... just a car, bells and whistles it has... but its a car.. period. EDIT: Note the original poll title.. 'EU is a video game!!!' not 'EU is just a video game!!!'
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    EU is a Game!!!

    MA seem to think its a game. Google search mindark Perhaps MA have had it wrong ALL THIS TIME!! This could affect their whole business model! I shall email them this instant!
  6. EU is a game

    EU is a game

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    Why space is working and how it could work better...

    I agree with the plain fact that space needs to have more to offer, after all there are those that wish to make space their home. Firstly we need ideas, then MA needs to listen to them. However, it is my understanding that space is currently an MA territory, meaning that all revenues go direct...
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    Entropia Fleet Alliance (EFA) -- Affordable, Fast and Secure Space Travel

    Outstanding, Welcome aboard :yay:
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  12. EFA flight costs table.

    EFA flight costs table.

    Work out how much you are spending on EFA flights with this handy table.
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    The Thing Event Controversy

    With great success comes jealousy, sad but inevitable. Gratz narfi.
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    Entropia Fleet Alliance (EFA) -- Affordable, Fast and Secure Space Travel

    Thank you both for your kind words. :wtg: As you can see the EFA are entirly open about our flight costs, letting our passengers see what they could be spending with different options. Glad your enjoying it too :) Passengers do seem to like the thrill of the pirate activity, perhaps we should...