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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

    price adjusted.. BUMP!
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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

    I never told i won’t provide data, i am not recording anything actually but for a potential buyer i can provide anything requested. Potential buyer, not trolls or time losers! About ROI, Biodome at 250k is not lower than most of deeds incl CLD. While CLD is an unmanageable property the Dome has...
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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

    Price adjusted! Bump
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    Buying: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.2 TEN Edition

    Based on EL there is a total of 15, I own a T8
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    FOMA Resources/Mobs (ownership) by Dome# (VU 17.5)

    Interesting to see if more resources changed in domes. About first post tax fees need an update too, most if not all of them has been lowered in meanwhile. (too bad i am at NI now, i will post here next time at FOMA)
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    Buying: Himi (CLOSED)

    I found some, need some more :)
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    Buying: Himi (CLOSED)

    I am in need of some Himi to tier upgrade my FAP, if you have some contact me so we can find a deal :)
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    Selling: (CLOSED)

    Not for sale anymore sorry
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    Price Check Fast Aid Pack, Adjusted, FEN Edition

    I have one and had normal AdjFAP in past, there's a quite big difference between the 2 items, FEN is better in all round, more heal, faster, less decay... without considering skill gain that I never checked neither cared of. Planning to get mine to tier 5 so to have 70 heal @ 1.875 pec/click...
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    Buying: Finder F-106 / Terramaster 3 Gold Rush

    Considering upgrading my finder, drop me your tier and price if you have one of these for sale.