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    message to MA and new ideas to the game

    BOT hunting is certainly an interesting idea to explore. I always thought BOT hunting could be a solution to make land areas attractive to hunt. Who wants to pay 4% for next to nothing? if they can hunt it BOT, then they get a decent service for their 4%. thinking of a game that will play...
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    Selling: EST full set 178.78 ped

    buy this armor, every pro has one
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    Selling: EST full set 178.78 ped

    buy it, its good
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    NEW Battle Simulator Update Feedback Thread

    here are my toughts what must be done in batsim add difficulty option forbatsim, my idea for batsim difficult is this, in the events windows add multiple options for batsim, the difficulty is the time at which you finish, example would be, you would have 2 settings, easy means you can finish...
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    Buying: adjusted or improved a105

    sell it to me and you will start profiting
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    Selling: EST full set 178.78 ped

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    Selling: adjusted omegaton asg-3 warthog tier 3.4

    tiers are: 63 136 77 136 142 88 135 161 121 96 price wil be around 1k ped SOLD
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    Selling: EST full set 178.78 ped

    bum p
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    Selling: EST full set 178.78 ped

    buy it quickly befor i change my mind, its male, tnx for reminding me :)
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    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    i was expecting better return, when MA said tha loot will improve for 98% of the players, i tought i was part of that, i hope mindark makes a statement where they calm down people, if MA will tell me some bullshit about me beeing unlucky and everything working correctly, i will continue hunting...
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    good bye guys ..

    i dont know you babyox, but ive seen you hof big a few times, people like you are the backbone of entropia, thats why im sad youre leaving, mindark should treat people like you whit the highest respect, becouse whitout people like you, entropia might not exist
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    NEW Battle Simulator Update Feedback Thread

    Sugjestion since there is a bonus loot pool now, perhaps the higher you are in ranks the higher odds you have of "youre lucky" popping up / getting to the final room with good time could also incrase "youre lucky" im just missing the reason of playing risky for getting a good time other then...
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    Entropia Universe 15.14.0 Release Notes

    entropia is somewhat of a sandbox mmo, which means players are free to do what they like, including hunt uneco and having the freedom of making their own mistakes out of this freedom new ideas can arrive where profit can be made, but most people trying to figure something out or just hunting...
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    Battle Simulator Ideas and Suggestions Thread

    i dont understand the hate for batsim guns, yes they are good, they are better then most guns out there, isnt that the point ? if they were worse then most guns, nobody would buy them, resulting in no interest for batsim i would also prefer to not loot guns, but material to craft guns, so that...
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    Crappy Battle Simulator Loot

    idk how many times i have to say this, YOU ADD A DIFFICULTY SETTING, the difficulty gives you incentive to get better, becouse it rewards you whit more MU if you add a difficulty setting more people will fail, which gives the "noobs" that are doing the safe runs still same chance to get lucky...