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    Do you have free hosting for your programs? Want it? Let me know. 3's Grampa

    Do you have free hosting for your programs? Want it? Let me know. 3's Grampa
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    Dandy will it fix this? I run a Killernotebook Assassin with XP Pro 64 on an AMD turion 64x2 with 4 gig ram, twin nVidia 7950 video cards, and twin drives in a raid config. Normally this laptop flies in gaming but latelyNo matter what app I am using or what setting I try the error from windows...
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    help with the tier system and enhancers

    I have been away for the past 3 months and come back to find there is a whole new part of the game. The only problem is that I can not find anywhere that explains what the enhancers are and how to use them. My Z20 has 3 sockets open to enhancers but I do not know what to put in them, which is...
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    Wahooooo grampa's back

    After having 7 "professionals" try to fix my Killernotebook Assassin I finally am back. Over 300 hours online reading everything I could find about raid errors and it turns out some 15 year old here in Port Hardy phones me because he saw one of my many posts asking, begging, and pleading for...
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    Question: How often do u get the high loots?

    it sucks I just did 3 200 drop runs using 103 ams on OA105 and MA105. I did not get a single global let alone a HOF. In the whole time I only got 2 amples and the rest were all small, poor or very poor claims. It did not matter where I tried I got the same results. The only extras I got was a...
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    Compiled help for issues or errors installing VU10.0 client

    worked yesterday but after my posts in here..... Yesterday I followed the instructions and did the c+ file, rebooted and logged in. I got kicked out alot but I could get in. I posted how pissed I was at what the new VU cost me in bandwidth and a couple of other negative posts. Guess what. No...
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    Beta server is REQUIRED now...

    Beta Testing I have done beta testing on several games but nothing as problematic as this one. As a tester I expect there to be problems but when I play a game I have been playing for years I do not expect it to be so screwed up. Once again MA has cost me without any regard as to whether I can...
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    please Please PLEASE ...

    and talk about bandwidth Entropia has always been a 150-200 meg game. I just had my internet provider phone to warn me that I had 8 gig of download and 1 gig of upload yesterday when I did the VU 10 upgrade. This game just cost me $90 in bandwidth overage and I can not stay connected. When I am...
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    THE BOTS ARE COMMING!...again...

    Love killing bots Much as I love killing bots the last time they attacked I spent days killing them. I went through over 3k ped and my return was less than 1000. Why bother. Last night I had 9 miner bots and 14 bots in a row all no loot. I don't expect this attack will be different after the...
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    1M Bombs Later

    Way to go I hope you can find a way to do it..... I volunteer to do some mining for you if you like. Glad to help. 3's Grampa
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    can you log into the game right now?

    can you log into the game right now?
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    Is the game still down?

    can you try now Could you try logging in now and see if it works?
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    Is the game still down?

    Is the game still down? I have been trying for hours to login but keep getting told it is down for maintenance. The clientloader says all systems are online. Can anyone else get logged in?
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    anybody knows 100%

    I would really rethink your idea If you haven't noticed there are a lot less new players at PA than I have ever seen before. Many high and mid level players are chipping out because the loots are really bad and the mining is giving such low ped claims. MA has taken a wonderful game and is...
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    Is the game still down?

    I have been trying for 3 hours to login and it keeps saying the system is down for maintenance even though the client loader says all sytems are running? What is going on? 3's Grampa:eek: