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    Suggestion: Space

    @ Deemer. Pirate ships have the same ability to buy warp ships as any other player, they can upgrade their SI as other owners do ...and yes they do own privateers and an MS. They don't need handouts to level the playing field, they already have the same opportunities. @ Proactive. What space...
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    How space can ruin game experience

    Always amazed how people scream about space PVP, when they openly admit to not taking sensible precautions for safe passage, yet you almost never see threads like this about red PVP on planets, where the unwary can equally lose hard earned ped. Space like red PVP is optional, OK in may ways...
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    Help: Universe wide issues

    Yay finally MA protecting me from spending peds. TY MA, my ped card loves you :)
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    Info: Lower restock rate of enhancers in my shops was caused by Covid

    Glad to hear you are all better :)
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    Such a newb I have never seen this before

    Today while crafting Perseus Armour I got a skill gain... yeh sure seen those before :) But Skill gain in 'Garment construction' is a new one for me, especially when I have no such skill, and have never heard of it, is this some new unlock ? Also why garment, when surely any skill gain should...
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    **URGENT EVENT NOTICE** Kill Squads required at Sentosa’s Reach, Arkadia

    Wasn't able to be there as much as I would have liked, but enjoyed what I did. TY for the event and Gz to Deatz
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    Suggestion: Space Land Grab

    sigh :rolleyes: here we go again :popcorn: same people same argument same inaction from MA
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    Question: High level players sweating

    You learn amazing info chatting at sweat circles and the local chat is rarely toxic like rookie chat, so a great place to catch up with friends, learn stuff and get some free sweat for crafting. Recommended way to spend time in game without spending, for players of all levels. As mentioned above...
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    Suggestion: Mechanism to stop macros / bots in Instances (Mayhem)

    While I agree that botting should be stopped, I am not sure given MAs history of minor changes affecting unforeseen and unrelated things in game, that this would go as planned. Do we seriously expect them to program well enough to differentiate between an afk hunter, and a crafter or space...
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    Question: Is Mining Resources MU going up a good thing?

    This is simply the nature of a free market economy, prices are dictated by supply and demand. If drop rate decreases, either due to variance caused by MA, or MA moving the resource and miners yet to re-discover it, or caused by the amount currently hoarded by miners/crafters in storage (remember...
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    Khorum Coast new land owner!

    Arkadia is not dead, even if we rarely see the devs (who have never been Neverdie and co) Underground deeds pay out daily and mining is still popular. Plus many players currently trying to finish old missions before it goes to codex only. The devs really need to get the updates done to make the...
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    Khorum Coast new land owner!

    GL with the LA, hope it is all you have dreamt of. Maybe let Arkadians know on the Ark forum also
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    Question: Tier Upgrading skill removal and compensation

    Really makes you wonder why they cant task some new member with writing a simple piece of code that checks each account in turn, assesses how many tier points and the value then dumps the appropriate amount of ped into the compensation part of the ped centre with an automated message to the...
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    News: Notice

    Fund raising (y) Blocking transactions with Russia/\Russian players...hmm not so sure .. individuals in Russia did not cause this war, some have already been arrested simply for protesting. Most will just want to keep their heads down. Lets be careful we don't blame the wrong people and...
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    Sad news from my Society

    So sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with her family and friends, and I pray this is the last friend we will lose to this pandemic.