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    Buying: Xmas 2019 or Summer 2020

    Bought, can be closed.
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    Buying: Xmas 2019 or Summer 2020

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    Buying: Xmas 2019 or Summer 2020

    Prices: Not negotiable Xmas: 26k Summer: 31k If you have one of these and would like to sell for pure peds contact me. Trying to up the price will get you ignored. Have fun and Good luck!
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    Buying: Yuka parts

    Hey i just posted a Yuka Mandible on calypso auction.
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    Suggestion: Solution to botting

    I still like mini rotational fan, taping the mouse to desk so it doesn't move :laugh:
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    Yogs and thoughts

    Jak, not trying to offend you, but you're probably the last person people want to hear on the forums about this situation. Since you've had the pet for years. Weather you used the pet or not(for wrong doing). They just can't trust you. You were an owner of this pet for a long time.. let people...
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    Yogs and thoughts

    Wow... wtf.....
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    This could not be said better.
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    FYI: Soc Owned land info

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    Selling: One and Only Omegaton M91 Stalker Augmented IS FOR SALE !

    Sweet gun free bump gl on the sale!
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    Server Downtime for Release

    Lag is not fixed, and what took up 1.3gb? tiers now have 1 rate instead of 10.. small change in item info for guns...
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    Server Downtime for Release

    I 2nd this...
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    Release 17.2 Video Interview

    LOL :lolup::lolup::lolup:, ty I needed that!
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    Mining skill boosts / Christmas ring 2016 question.

    Good question, i'd say yes, but wouldn't be noticeable since you don't get a whole lot of them in general... could be 100% wrong but that's my opinion. Someone would have to test this to have a clear answer.