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  • hey there babykins... long time since we chatted last, when we gonna have that pissup?
    hope things are going well for ya honey xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    yo gUnnNNnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy... where are uuuuuuu? miss u ingame.. comon in someday and i will take u on a tp run :p..
    going away all sept so dont log in during that time wait untill after ;).. hope everything are great with u m8..
    oi noob you still in AOC? been on there a few times past few days thought i would still see you dwelling there :eek:
    Hope it is a good one!

    i think it's about time u showed up again ;) this place just isnt the same whitout you! (Wi3rD*slaps himself* for sounding gay)
    Miss ya!! Send me that darn MSM email addy again!!! BIG HUGZ! and Rock on you sexy avvy you! :) Oh, my mom wants to take me to England some time in the next year.... hmmm time for some beers!!!! *now how to ditch the mom for a few hours... rofl... *
    Hey ya! Sorry keep missing ya in game. Haven't been on much due to, well you know. Big hugz and keep on rockin'!
    Thank you for the +rep! I am glad you like the masks I have been designing . . . I have a lot of fun doing them.
    Hey hello GuNOiL,
    Thanks for the replies you always make in my threads man. :)
    I really Appreciate them.
    Well, at least you're around in here at time :) Log into the soc forum and tell everyone hello!! :)
    Big hugz.... oh and Doc got Angel armour... he is BRIGHT!!!
    Pop in so you can envy him... rofl
    The item in question isnt going to go out of my sight, my sweet, untill you log in :wtg:
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