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    Buying some glasses..3D edimensional

    They will be compatible with PE or any other games afik... (works at the driver level) however i think you need a CRT monitor for such glasses. But maybe not? ( ) If your monitor has max 75Hz refresh then that will be only 37.5Hz with the...
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    Looking to buy: Daikiba Stalker

    Here's something to think about: Would a Daikiba stalker fit through the doors to an apartment?
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    Why would this cause a leak?

    Looks like something thats fallen off a Renault
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    What for a CAR/BIKE you are driving?

    "Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary. Thats what gets you."
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    so sad

    OT: Bruud: is that sig for real or photoshopped? :P
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    Can you keep it going .. and for how long?

    It is my belief that good/bad periods comes in waves, so lets say if your losses get to say 1000PED (random number) then you will start profiting for a while. After you've made back say 800 peds you will be in a new dry spell for a while and so on. One trick could be to hunt mobs that drop...
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    My computer get's too hot

    Did you build it yourself?, if so check if you put the CPU cooler on properly. If not you need to take it back to the people you bought it from, or get a friend who knows how to help. Are you overclocking?
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    Heeeelp! computer trouble :(

    try backing down on the IDE speed in the bios (select ATA 33/66 instad of the propably 133 its on now.) If that helps you should check your cables before setting it back up.
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    How do YOU surf EF?

    I use Opera. I usually open EF by cliking on the "EF" button on my quickbar. Sometimes i have another page open, if so i use the middle button ;) (wich opens a new page). Then i click new posts and then click the middle mouse button on all the page links (to open them in background pages)...
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    Solution for Hacked Accounts (Easy)

    Are the MAC adresses of the endpoints kept all the way through the network of routers? As far as i can see it would only apply to a broadcast network (i.e. a lan) not over the internet I doubt this is implemented over the internet for...
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    New rl clothing sold out ???

    Why pay 90£ for a ninja hood when you can make your own for nothing ;)
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    HOF's are like buses !!

    You mean they always come the second you light up a smoke ;) Grats
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    should it be allowed to advert about this in PE.

    I believe the word Inhabile is the most appropriate in that context, and in that you have a point, however this is not politics ;)
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    Could MA have been hacked?

    One simple way to get a list of ip adresses for trying an abovementioned "sploit scanner" would be to put a 1x1 pixel image, hosted on a server you control, in your signature on this board. Then you make a point to post some pointless but ontopic comment in as many threads as possible. If you...
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    Today I shoot for 1M ammo in 24 hours

    Just FYI, 1M ammo in a MM is 13 hrs of constant shooting. It's also 66666 clicks :eek: (then you'd have 10 cells left over) God luck man, you'ill need it :coffee: edit: doh! i dident see fionas post