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    Australia and loot boxes

    Oh, I see you're familiar with the Australian government.
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    Harassment and abuse in Entropia Universe

    Obviously your socmate is trying to get revenge on the revive terminal. But then he gets worn out and has to fap himself to get more energy to continue the fight. Carry on brave soldier, revenge will be yours! :rolleyes:
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    new discoveries?

    I'm less concerned with the protection than the fact that these are more new items with 'special abilities' which us old players have no ability to obtain. This is what annoys me, like the gauntlet fap, us old players miss out on something special without even the option to purchase it...
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    Entropia Universe 14.7 Release Notes

    Am I missing something or can I only hide all messages?
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    Entropedia down again?

    I know plenty of people who did and would update the wiki constantly, myself included. Problem has been for a long time that many new items can't be added due to broken tables. There is also some hesitation in updating details of highly eco items to keep the mu down on them, but you will always...
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    Help: goldcard ...

    FYI, this happened to me and I got no response from support for at least a week, even after I followed up a few times. I posted my issue on the EU Facebook and it was resolved immediately.
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    Global/hof popup bar.

    Yep these would be great, as well as the option to show it for new discoveries/rare loots, where the threshold will always be too high (unless you show all).
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    Discovery: Ufo l

    Grats, glad to see you got some payback for all the terrible Kongs. :yay:
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    The Core - Robot Mayhem #1

    Didn't migration start during a robot invasion last year?
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    The Core - Robot Mayhem #1

    This. I heard bot instance and thought 'yay a use for my bot armor'...harbinger and eviscerator not going to be very easy with vigi.
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    Strash Streams Project Unlimited level 5

    Have a look after he crafts it, the HOF is 350 PED, but the Rare item ATH is 666 PED.
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    Entropia Universe 14.6.1 Release Notes

    Wow MA took notice of our comments, great work.
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    WARNING - Content contains serious rage!

    This is true, but most reasonable people understand that. It's how MA handle the situation presented to them that matters. And they cocked it up royally. They should have either allowed all GC players to opt into an unsecured logon method until the issue is resolved, or postpone the VU until...
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    Entropia Universe 14.6 Release Notes

    Yes, I've been in this position for many of my EU years as well, but now that I have the ability to be online at this time, it's super annoying to have the opportunity snatched away and presented to a specific subset of the playerbase. BTW now 9 discoveries between 3 avatars.
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    Servers Are Down