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    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted Tier2

    Heyo, looking to sell my current rifle: [A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted]Tier 2 Item listed on auction, thread can be closed It served me well for quite some time, and i love it but its time to move towards bigger guns. Hit me up in-game Grosh Hawks Varduz, if youre interested, have a good one...
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    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    Register me please: Grosh Hawks Varduz
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    Selling: [Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (M)]

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    Selling: [Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (M)]

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    Selling: [Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (M)]

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    Selling: [Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (M)]

    Looking for offers on set of Vigilante, Adjusted [Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (M)] T0.9 [Vigilante Arm Guards, Adjusted (M)] T0.9 [Vigilante Gloves, Adjusted (M)] T0.6 [Vigilante Shin Guards, Adjusted (M)] T0.5 [Vigilante Thigh Guards, Adjusted (M)] T0.7 [Vigilante Helmet, Adjusted (M)] T0.3...
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    Selling: Robot Weapon Grips

    I have ~750ped of [Robot Weapon Grip] for sale, hit me up in game (Grosh Hawks Varduz) with an offer.
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    Selling: [A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted]

    Selling [A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted] T1.9 +1.400 Hit me up in game Grosh Hawks Varduz, we can talk about adjusting price a bit. SOLD FOR +1350
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    The Ministry's OLA 65 Presents: Grind your Paycheck

    Register Grosh Hawks Varduz, thanks.
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    Selling: WTS: SIR-40, Low TT EST, Skinning Skill.

    Hey everyone, have some things for sale. [Herman SIR-40] T6.6 +2.2k (negotiable) <(gratis) 3,4p[Mayhem B-Amplifier Beta (L)] 2x[Bullseye 8] [Headshot 4] > Can add up bunch of enhancers below MU fitting the gun...
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    [PL/EN] Looking for disciples.

    Hey everyone, looking for new/returning players for mentoring.:wise: I`ve been around for over 2 years now, gathered enough information to be confidednt i can mentor people in ways of EU with positive outcome. So if you want to learn and have some fun without loosing your shirt in a process...
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    Selling: Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.II Tier1

    Hello everyone, as mentioned in topic i have Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.II Tier1 for sale asking price 1500PED. SOLD PM on PCF or in-game. GL&HF Hawks
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    Buying: Mah'ketta (M)

    Hey everyone, looking to buy full set of Mah'ketta(M) (T0 prefered, unless you want to sell me higher tier at T0 MU :D ) Actually, id also be interested in Adjusted Vigilante(M) T0 Talk to me in-game or PM here
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    Selling: Archon's Sword, Adj Pixie + Set of 5A

    As mentioned in title, i would like to sell few items: Archon's Sword T1.9 SOLD Adjusted Pixie (M) T0 Set of Armor Plating Mark.5A...