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    Endgame's Most Excellent Event

    Great event, wish i could participate but im super noob for that mob. Sadly i think this will happen: If we decide that we have not received enough tickets, the event will be canceled and full refunds issued. I think they would need like 30 participant to break even with prizes, so guess 9...
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    Hole in the ground :D

    It happens with any vehicle, when you just exit, for some reason it places you under the surface, mostly you fall to ocean, hit T and solved.
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    Selling: Camo Arms BGH SOLD

    Should have keep grinding, he left 9 more unlooted in the pool.
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    Suggestion: Unlimited laser and blp amps

    I think most of us expects them to be added sooner or later since the melee and mf UL amps.
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    Why are people not bidding on the eggs?

    In theory, this sounds good. In reality, asap you have changed to EU, your viewer rate would start to decrease, and the lost income from decreased viewer count would be much more than any income you could get in EU. There are crazy ammount of money in streaming even with "just" a few K viewers...
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    Suggestion: Remove universal ammo for Mindforce chip

    Nah, i find it too boring that imk2 uses the same ammo as the barbarella. I want different ammo for all the weapons, LP-40 should use LP-40 ammo while LR-40 should use a different LR-40 ammo, and obviously you should not be able to use LR-40 ammo with for example a totally different gun like...
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    Suggestion: Mobs and the future of mobs ingame

    Most of them already existing in the game. Bigger crit chance, bigger crits - basically more damage, new halloween mayhem and old summer mayhem have both this kind of debuff for the player that makes it receive more damage from mobs, and basically all 20 wave version of mayhem have buff for...
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    How space can ruin game experience

    I did the same once with 1k christmas boxes, because they are not labelled by info page as lootable in pvp. Some soc mate said it is when i was already flying lootable, so i was sweating till i have arrived safely. Still not 100% sure if they lootable or not, but wont risk to find out.
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    Some suggestions :-)

    Do you realize that 1m ped is how low when we talking about top gear loot? 1m ped crafting ep4 is 2 days. 1m ped hunting with mod blade is 3 weeks This idea would destroy the game in 2-3 month :D
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    MA Account closure Inaction

    They mean if you can log in or not, not if you asked a friend to tell if its still in the soc or in the user register. Around 3 years ago I asked for termination of my first avatar before making the new, and still today i can find the old one in user register.
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    Info: Bidding Issues with the Eggs of Entropia

    Good, i offer 0.3 WETH for one of them.
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    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    Guess its like AH, no reason to bid atm really, real bid will be before it ends, or not, we shall see soon.
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    Sensible Approach to Hunting

    Yes, but dont forget the ToS when you decide to disrupt whatever they do. c. You cannot interfere with any other Participants ability to use and enjoy the Entropia Universe. You belive somebody afk macro, report or ignore them. If its interfere with your gameplay, you can call an ingame...
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    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    These are awesome progresses in just 1.5 month (y) Guess we will see soon how fast really it takes to reach lvl100 main for a new player with codex, based on this i would guess under half year. GL with your tracker!
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    Sensible Approach to Hunting

    Hard to belive to your low cost per hit idea when ubers were racing to be able to get one from the highest cost per hit weapon from the vendor aka modblade.