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    FYI: Alabama All Access

    Warp drive is already removed
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    FYI: Alabama All Access

    With the new VU, MA has finally made space hunting in team or with a capital class ship worthwhile. Obviously not everyone has their own mothership or privateer to easily hunt the robot waves. Those of us that own the Alabama invite you to join us in defending Calypso space from the robot...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    Hopefully this is resolved before halloween mayhem...
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    Question: Warlocks

    They've always been around
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    It just says weakness to firearm/close/mindforce damage types, nothing special.
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    If you guys read the text for the boss for damage reduction it is damage TYPE protection. For example if he's vulnerable to firearms it will let through burn/pen, for close imp/cut/stab, and mindforce for the rest (at least thats how it seemed to work for me with my rainbow sword which has...
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    I'm at work for another 4 hours.... so take your time :)
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    Question: Whatever happened to Beacon Missions?

    Tt returns on them have been broken ever since loot 2.0 (2-3 years now?) And Mindark does not give a fuck (yes I have submitted support cases)
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    Hussk week!

    Negative :(
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    Hussk week!

    Yeah all over for now, need more goki samples
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    Hussk week!

    Hussk an hour and a halfish
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    Question: Does EP3 BP drop recycle BPs?

    Yes it does, any bp can drop any bp of the same type within 4 levels of it
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    Hussk week!

    Hussk today 19 MA time?
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    FYI: LAG

    Thank you Mindark!! Game is finally stable since March!
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    Hussk week!

    Yup, got another sample to do another hussk! 2 hours 45 minutes from now (17 MA time)