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    Buying: Adjusted FAP, Adj/Imp 2350, Adj/Imp 2600

    Looking to buy a decent lower end fap as stated in my title. I'm not interested in mod 2350 or mod2600 at this time as that is above what I'm after. Send me what you have and prices. Thanks!
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    Buying: Rings

    I can sell you an imp ares since I've upgraded
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    Melee Mayhem Amp + Argo Claw

    Yes you can use mayhem melee amps on powerfist
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    Selling: ADJ Boiga, Gremlin (F) set and more

    Meant to pm sorry
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    Selling: ADJ Boiga, Gremlin (F) set and more

    I'll offer 3900 for aug ares
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    My 3000 PED UA cycle on Toulan

    Hey hey. So I decided to try a new approach to Entropia. I wasn't active as I'd like to be so I sold my higher level gear and decided to scale back. On top of this, I wanted to explore planets that I never really visited and/or hunted on. Toulan was the most unknown frontier for me so I grabbed...
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    Buying: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem

    Potentially shopping for this fap. Let me know if you're interested in selling yours and at what price. Pure PED trade
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    Question: Heavy grinders/players - How do you do it?

    That's what i figured. Given how the mechanics of this game are set up seems MA is okay with it. If so I don't mind either as long as it isn't interfering with others hunting since ped cycled is ped cycled
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    Question: Heavy grinders/players - How do you do it?

    I see people pretty regularly saying they play something like 10h+ a day and my question to you guys is - how do you do it? Are you retired? Military? Don't sleep? I know that some people play this game as a source of income so it might be a job for a few. Other than that, I'm curious to see how...
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    Question: Who's active? Who's recruiting?

    welcome back! Make sure to join the EU discord. Plenty of old time players there and it's a nice, active community outside of the game
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    Selling: Weapons and Amps

    Curious what the price is on the RS
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    Selling: Tier compo, extractors, paints, pills, trash

    I think hijacker (@Hijacker27) is needing tier 2 comps, might want to check with him in game
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    Selling: SOLD [Omegaton ASG-12 Bucketful] TIER 5.99

    Did it sell at asking price? Can you share the sold price
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    Buying: Resto Chip Adjusted

    I have one for sale pm me your offer