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  • Merry Christmas and all that good stuff !
    u must be logging in when i sleep...abt the ONLY time i'm not online:) at least now i won't have to send the goons to knee cap u lol
    lmao.. man I log in just about every day, but no one is ever there. My work schedule has been nuts the last two weeks cause some dude quit while we were already short handed. Plus I have a side job hooking up a small business network for some doctor. I have your peds.. lol.. I just haven't seen you to give them back.
    lmao.. Yea that's him. I still see him from time to time, and he still says hello whenever I do see him. He was ALWAYS mining. I can't believe he hit that tower.... for someone who has "never deposited" lmao!
    lol that wierd dude was baco gacov antrax & i was wondering if he was still around...the day i got my gazz hof he was no 1 for the day with a 10K tower lmao...i think the pic is on the forum in the uber section...happened in the last few weeks. i think he was bulgarian...somewhere in easter europe anyway.

    Thanks for the invite. It should be a good laugh:)
    Welcome to the society. Everyone is awesome and you should enjoy yourself here. It's pretty much the society we always planned on starting ourself.. expect the work is already done. lol. Can't have a society with just you, me and that weird dude from sylvania. lol... wait.... sylvania is a light bulb company. Anyways, you remember who im talking about.
    I usually hang out in twin or argus. I've been hunting args alot, so mostly twin. what times are you usually on. I'm on late, but my late is your early. lol.
    just logged in 2 say same:) im out & abt mostly but i use zeus as a base since they put a laggy bank at argus...inside the buiding if im there usually at auction & stimes crafting. Am a big arsed scary woman with green hair wearing ghost. Nearly same name...iatrogenesis archangel zeolite lol.
    I have a poor substitute conga buddy calld David Fatboy Bronx. More often thsn not he is at the benches in PA trying to pat noobs from there peds or sweat:) He can PM me if u find him.
    'Where ru hanging out in game?
    lol.. I told you I was bad with emails... lol. sorry man. If I didn't respond, then I surely meant to... to the point that I even thought I did. lol.
    I swear I responded to your emails? lol. I'm horrible with emails. I added 3gig of ram and a 512mb video card to my system and the graphics are superb so now I can play again. I might see you around soon.
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