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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    The only thing I see is there are no COORDINATES around the radar for the mining log to read and help miners track their claims. Please put the coordinate numbers back into the GUI
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    HowTo: Participant Content (PC) - step by step guide

    are both screens the same type? Maybe one is horizontal and the other vertical ? did you try previewing your left message on the right screen that works ? I would take the file that works and replace its content with the second image... maybe its some metadata issue in the file? Cheers Ido
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    EU Magazines & Newspapers

    look at the cover of the magazine from 2002 looks just like the game today :D
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    do you have vsync enabled? try placing lbml on your main screen too in windowed mode.
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    Still thinking about working on it :D
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    Thanks for the comment for the grid to also run in a different direction i will keep it in mind thanks
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    every time you change size you have to rescan the size in the auto tab. for me half size works quite fine. try to place the radar on top of a note to increase the reliability of the OCR
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    there are a lot helpful threads on the LBML forum. Try to disable An-isotropic filtering Make sure you dont have scaling enabled in windows Make sure the radar is at position (0,0) top left corner First try to get the max radar size working the work your way down to smaller sizes let me know...
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    You can OWN the BEST Beauty Parlor

    Thanks all for your kind words : ) I don't plan to leave EU just yet .. but I'm sure my beauty skills could be put to better use. I'll be around for a long time and yes i will keep LBML up and running too. Cheers Ido
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    NEW active Beautician list 2016

    Hi wouldn't mind being on the list while i still have my skills, even tho im not often online you can always reach me at ;) Prof Levels: Hair Stylist 37 = everything Body Sculptor 33 = all but foot size Face Sculptor 32 = all but last iris style
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    You can OWN the BEST Beauty Parlor

    Dear Friends, It has come time for me to part ways with my Beauty Parlor. I have been serving the community with Beauty needs since 2005, but for a long time now i'm having more responsibilities in Real Life then time to play Entropia Universe. I think my Beauty Skills can be put to better use...
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    if you get an error on update like #1003 just manually unzip the updates. Your Windows is preventing LBML to unzip its updates.
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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    Not yet unfortunately : (
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    Taming with a whip in VU 15.0 on Planet Calypso

    Wear some armor .. the stats drop during taming depending on the amount of damage the creatures does.. i started wearing some armor half way into my first whip and it helped a lot : ) Ido
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    Question: LittleBigMiningLog doesn't work!

    I'll have a look ;)