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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]
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    Suggestion: Maps Dynamics

    Hello, For modernize the maps of planete : ADD event entry on the map can clik an event and follow them Exemple : a player start a wave add a warning message on map can click on them for more information and a virtual path. Can work for >> Migration event, Event ! important hard to see all...
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    Strange Meteor near Odysseus Landing?

    this a mission and old if a have good memory
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    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    All ego all responsible DEV NEED GIVE SKILLS TO PLAYER COMPARED STAGE ADVANCED Totally irresponsible for taking away money and times for a big change of game
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    Selling: Emerald Lake Shop 310 pts

    Hello, I'm selling my shop own since long time now At >> Emerald Lake mall, 310 items points Localisation first floor #11 entrance elevator Price : 30K ped Contact me by message #J4ck3ss in-game or PCF Note : A shopkeeper holds 20 items and takes up 6 item slots of an estate for 4K-5K...
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    Hispidus feeling generous...

    GZ :wtg::dance::monkey:
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    Happy New Year!

    Bonne année 2020 Happy new years 2020 :clap:
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    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT

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    Black screenshots

    windows mode or full ? maybe change
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    Help: Anyone lives near Paris, France ? (The Enigma Keys stage 3)

    salut moi perso je les fait 3 fois je les pas eu apparemment tu peu le faire 5 fois et plus encore lol Sinon va vérifier si le pnj a icarus parle ou pas car je croit qu'il y a un bug qui fait que la mission ne s'actualise pas et qui dit que ta trouver