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  • what a loser you are, negrepping people who just tell that MA does not live up to their promise.
    Sad to see that you are leaving. But i feel like you. I'm bored and discouraged. Anyway, I hope to see you soon.
    Basically what Dorsai said...and regarding that rancher hat of yours...guard it w/ your life you hear and don´t let anyone steal it from you! :thumbup:

    ...take it easy bro! ;)


    I'm happy you didn't loose your apt. mate and I have to admit when i was on cnd and walked to east instead of west and noticed my apt was gone, i freaked to, but luckaly i found out i was on the wron side of the building. :D
    Don't worry mate, and defenately don't be ashamed, we are all fools sometimes.......:D


    Well, I was feeling kinda sorry for the guy, he made 2 posts on front page then within 24 hours there's 26 pages of :rofl:

    I'm still laughing btw :D
    Hi Jam, your profile shows you are a stagehand. If your workdays are anything like mine backstage then I do feel for you, and understand how totally washed out you can feel after the long days working. I'm glad your apartment and that hat are safe, and +rep for being such a good sport about it. :wtg:
    LOL @ Misty :rofl: Mate that sounds like a really large guy is coming your way, and your shitting yourself, be a man ffs!! :laugh:
    Pics I made were nothing personal, it's all in good spirits.
    Hope you can see the funny side, we've all messed up and jumped to conclusions from time to time. :)
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