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    Suggestion: More TPs on Treasure Island

    It's so sparse considering the sheer size and array of mobs. At the very least having a TP in the top left and bottom right of the island would be nice. Less time moving around in a vehicle or jumping with a TP = more time shooting and pumping peds into the system.
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    NTI Blitz sale of shares

    Wait a sec... So it's only 50% of the commissions of that land area? What's the commissions? So if the LA's revenue is actually only like a 5% tax of all loot that would mean half that (2.5%) of all the loot is divided up among 800k deeds... Were these specific numbers ever released on this...
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    Suggestion: private trades in entropia exchange

    There needs to be a massive overhaul to the auction/exchange systems. There should be the ability to hold those deeds just like the rest and instead the auction needs to be revised to have a market for all stackable resources handled in a similar fashion to the exchange. Give people the...
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    10-year Space Anniversary

    Holy shit, seriously? Woohoo a reason to log in! lol Hmm you think this stuff will drop on Merry Mayhem mobs too?
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    Question: What is the main reason for the inflated prices of high end weapons and gear

    MA wants more deposits than withdrawls. The longer your peds are in game the more certainly they will extract them. They don't care about efficiency. They wouldn't add something to the game they weren't sure that 20 steps ahead they are still making a profit on. MA also loves high markup gear...
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    What was the meaning or reason for your AV name?

    James - my name Jambon - a nickname Zidane - a character from final fantasy 9 cause I didn't want to put my real last name in.
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    Excuse me, but I was not provided with....

    I tried using the TT a little later and it wouldn't even open the window. I had to use my portable one instead LOL Clearly the last user of this instance had anger management issues and must have broke the TT and ripped out the revival terminal.
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    Excuse me, but I was not provided with....

    Excuse me, but I was not provided with a revival terminal in my instance. I guess dying is off the menu lol Seriously though, I'm not imagining that there is supposed to be a revival terminal in Annihilation instances, right?
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    no revival terminal in instance
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    Halloween Mayhem 2021 Suggestion

    Really liking the new format. So far the only complaint I have is in regards to having to pick a path Bronze, Silver, Gold. I picked bronze and plowed through faster than I expected. Now I've got the reward but I'm still gathering points that mean nothing. It's disappointing to be 2 days in and...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    So once you complete one of the mission chains like bronze. What good are the points you continue to accumulate? Would be good if it was all just one big mission chain rather than 3... I was lucky enough to finish the bronze mission very fast and now I'm here with a week left of mayhem thinking...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Yeah I think it should be renamed to Timed Gauntlet rather than Survival lol
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    To be fair it never really was a competition before it was just a "who's got the biggest wallet" test. I mean people were forced into pay levels (instance categories) they didn't want to compete at just because of their professional level and if you didn't want to spend thousands chipping out...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Wow I'm impressed with this new structure. Just seeing this today and it looks interest for sure! Good job!