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  • Thanks for the REP:) My only problem now is that in order to achieve the world recoerd... I had to put myself on my own ignore list... so I now even I have no idea what I'm posting...:cool:

    just been to Stinky's profile page...

    how did u find that clip...wot were u looking for??? awesome :D

    lily :grouphug:
    Forget Something today?
    Oh yeah Moogle was suppose to do a radio show at 21:00 ma time

    Where were you jamhot?
    WetFart! and PopTart!

    Tried to get Lily to do CornFlake or something, but she is square :(

    made me all a bit teary.. yeah that advice was good!! Id like to know what else he said LOL :)
    Thanx :) Dont you think its sweet that a man you have never met actually sits down and thinks "right, a letter for my Grandson" Then takes the time to put down his thoughts? I do, my Dad's dad died when I was a baby...Id love a letter like that, would treasure it in his absence :)
    wasnt even worth a laugh mate. That thread just said "she won, I give up, want them to go away" Id never admit that!! LOL
    haha, i'd be online sooner but I paid virgin £30 for some bloke with a drill to come round to my house y/day and make a hole in my livin' room wall and say "oh yea you need an actual engineer, you'll have to wait 21 days." Don't forget Flashpoint 2 in a few weeks. Been smoking cigars like mad past few weeks to give my trademark "go,go,go" that authentic feel :D
    Aye, yes, where is our apartments! ^^ And well, yes, VU looks ok, though I get graphic bugs after a few minutes that makes it unplayable in a few more min... Fingers crossed for updates! :eek:
    Hello hello m8, how's it going now in VU10? and have you found your apartments yet? =)
    yeh you are correct i had 3 cases of varius lagers ,2* Vodka , Bacrdi , Gin , and JD also some redbull to go with my vodaks and told em room number including you but no one turned up so i didnt touch a drop of it all came back with me intact. Its no fun drinking on your own and i had already cosumed plenty hehe.

    BTW i went to bed about 3:30 am waiting exausted me

    it was all in polystyreen cases with frezzer blocks too to keep it chilled also fogot to mention 3 bottles of wine just incase the ladies prefered wine
    Thank you Jam ... we've come full circle from where we were to where we are now, and I'm liking it a whole lot better. ;)
    and I like what you do for Entropia! :)
    *what is it again you do?

    thanks for your EFD award towards my post.

    Greetings from Temporal Destinies my friend.. Great work on the radio and looking forward to working beside you all in the years to come.

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