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    Is Mining finally dead on entropia

    Mining is dead due to little markup not because the reason you gave since mining is now a much more even payout Mining is less gambling n ow
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4

    Just bought this little gem but due to RL problems it gotta go Tier 7.99 BLP handgun 60 attack a min 77 damage Prices sold in auction Decade 19,5k Year 14,0k Like i said RL problems so pure peds preferred but some items also welcome like adj/imp resto or a good left hand ring Happy...
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    !! This is a scam !!

    Never Never
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    Selling: AG Gorgon's Shade Consumables and Crafting Parts

    It was fun last night any idea when to do it again ?
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    Buying: Viceroy materials to viceroy mod

    do they drop ok still ? I mean how many hours hunting for a drop ? Maybe i come over but the codex on caly is too tempting
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    Hello from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!

    Well they have the corona excuse in this case
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    Entropia Universe 17.1.2 Release Notes

    Next patch and that should be soon since they released a video of an interview about that soon MA is/was also struggling with corona problems