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October 25
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Stunn'd by that loud and dreadful sound,
Which sky and ocean smote:
Like one that hath been seven days drown'd
My body lay afloat:
But, swift as dreams, myself I found
Within the Pilot's boat.

Upon the whirl, where sank the Ship,
The boat spun round and round:
And all was still, save that the hill
Was telling of the sound.

I mov'd my lips: the Pilot shriek'd
And fell down in a fit.
The Holy Hermit rais'd his eyes
And pray'd where he did sit.

I took the oars: the Pilot's boy,
Who now doth crazy go,
Laugh'd loud and long, and all the while
His eyes went to and fro,
"Ha! ha!" quoth he--"full plain I see,
"The devil knows how to row."

~From "The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere," by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1798


In short, the superior ability of humans to adapt and invent things by both logic and abstract thinking will sooner or later put them side by side with the robots, flexible but strictly logical minds.
From The History of Calypso: The Robot Threat