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  • yep i'm a pure newbie in EU (started around 1st January 2010) and when i created my avatar i wanted to play a fat little redhead guy and i couldn't, only combos like big heap and little thigh. Not to mention I was very sad
    I'm a powerfull psychic :)

    The easter bunny revealed this to me in a sight I had while sitting on toilet and smoking some weed.
    It was a gang bang between tooth fairy, Santa and easter bunny.

    Tooth fairy got hunger so she had to eat someone, right?. You can't mess with a woman when she gets hungry... shees.

    I guess it was better to eat the easter bunny while santa was doing her from behind then the other way around. Besides, from what I heard, easter bunny was not that good in bed :)

    A real drama, no?
    Us from are used to drama, right?
    I did that and they need to gather information from the design team... they will update the support case when they get the information.
    I'm not sure, so I asked Support. They don't know either and forwarded it to the design team...
    I have no doubt it brought you a would have made me smile too :) works :)
    lol. not ur fault jenn as im sure they are very rare sets indeed I only know that H&R have a complete set of 8A's not sure how many in total or who has the 7A's. I spend lots of time on entropedia its my 2nd home to calypso now :) as i like studying armour and plates. A bit like Falagor. Ps wish more ppl posted their replies instead of sarcastic remarks lol.
    lol ah ok jenny sorry im not the sarcatic tell this guy joke. I just fall for them or cant tell wen ur bluffing my cute jen ferr muffin :). No harm done, thanks for being so enthusiastic :D.
    For starters.... a $500/hr lawyer can pretty much get you whatever you want. Secondly, it would be quite easy to convince a judge that the Swedish company used it's own laws to manipulate a customer from another country.
    I don't know much about Swedish Law as I took Law here in Canada... but I do know that no matter what part of the world you're in.... when some big time Lawyer in a fancy pinstripe suit comes knocking at your door.... you're pretty much toast. :) A US customer vs. MindArk in swede court would be a very interesting case to follow indeed.
    ok i gave my best i bought gun from zenct
    zenc´t bought from waheed but waheed didnt remember from which guy he bought.. sry jenny
    It would be pretty interesting to know...

    How about we find out MA's management info :D
    ja.. det har vært en liten drop i spiller under CE2 implemteringen... men du skal se at dei vender tilbake snart... ;)
    Jo takk.. alt vell. Har barre ikke vært så mye på entropia i det siste.... halve året.. :rolleyes: Enn du da? Alt vell?
    Thanks for the Visitor message.

    I hate the PC tree Hugger crowd. they take things to far sometimes
    Still, very nice work.
    It's hard to guess other people's emotions over the Internet, whether it's sarcasm or not. :laugh:
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