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    Kolla min biography in game sa forstar du varfor jag inte kan supporta dig i ar tyvarr

    Kolla min biography in game sa forstar du varfor jag inte kan supporta dig i ar tyvarr
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    Do people like ammo in loot?

    if you are worried about the logs why don't you just buy enough ammo for the amp(s) or gun you use? and if not using amps, start doing it and things will get way easier.
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    getting error message
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    Planet calypso content release 2014.2

    Cause is found and working on a fix with MA now:
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    Option to turn off the night, would you use it ?

    no option for always real night? I wouldn't use it and I would prefer darker real nights. PS, set Object Quality to low and you don't get the grass
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    Achievement: Level 100 without chipping

    Gratz, very nice achievement :cheer:
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    Explore Even More

    But why do you want to lose 10% skill value if you can't sell it? :wise::computer::scratch: *sarcastically hiding in the shadows* (I know one purpose would be skill based events but don't think that was the purpose of the quoted post)
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    Selling: Make up

    last bump...
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    Selling: Make up

    bump for more make up, I'm sure we can make a deal so make me an offer :)
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    Buying: Looking for a crafter to make some GYRO FAP-26s

    Shop #17 by the Museum at Arkadia also carry those, so there shouldn't be any problem for you to find what you need
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    Selling: Make up

    come get your start up makeup kit :)
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    Selling: Gremlin (F) (Great tier stats) and Ankitus (F)

    Corvus still available
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    Selling: Make up

    still available
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    My version of how the UI should look

    Done a lot more/better pics now posted here: new(old) UI suggestion just posting the link as the pics is in PNG so can't be used here