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    Question: What is this? :)

    This. :wise: I think. :confused:
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    Just a though about Armor.

    As you are getting higher skilled, you will probably start hunting higher mobs as well. So IF you want to keep using Ghost then go ahead and wear it to improve the tiers because you will need more protection. BUT, have you considered upgrading to a better armor? Like Jarhead?
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    Why don't we get proper notice?

    No. They have not taken the severs down "every Tuesday at the same time". I will admit that they do take the servers down usually on Tuesdays when they have a patch or update, but it is nowhere near EVERY Tuesday. That is such a strong exaggeration that it makes me :lolup:. And I agree with...
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    Help: Gold Card DEAD!

    There are numerous stores that are open 24/7, like Walgreens and I think most CVS stores. Although if you live in a small town or somewhere out in the boonies then I can see where that would be a problem.
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    What does a VU/patch day @ MAHQ look like?

    Taco, all I have to say to your "story" is, don't quit your day job.
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    Disturbances in the Production Environment

    When I read the term "Production Environment" my first thought was "asshole". :wise:
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    Achievement: First Tower!

    :yay: I started playing this game back in 2006 and my very first global was a 72 ped Lyst mining find if I remember correctly. :wtg: I have been a hunter first and foremost since day one, but always wanted to branch out and try the other professions. Mining and Crafting have been split...
  8. Tower!


    Me seeing my tower for the first time!
  9. Tower!


    My Very First Tower!
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    Missing Items

    Sorry to hear this. :( Two possibilities come to mind. First, you were drunk and or high last time you played and sold/traded/gave this stuff to someone and COMPLETLY forgot it. (I've done this a few times but never anything with high value) Second, someone has access to your computer and...
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    So yeah! This is a thing

    WHEN (not if) this happens, PLEASE let me know! :yup: Really. :wise: Maybe I should be the one that starts the Vaginal-Tug-of-War porn site! :silly2:
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    So yeah! This is a thing

    VAGINAL KUNG-FU!!!!!! Yeah, that was awesome. :tongue2:
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    Selling: King Kong Snubnose, DOA Loudmouth, and a few other things.

    close thread please. Mods, can you please close / delete this thread. Thank you.
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    Selling: King Kong Snubnose, DOA Loudmouth, and a few other things.

    Hello, I am looking to sell or perhaps trade these items: I have 24 Vehicle RK-5(L) I have 6 Enkidd Howler S.4 I have 5 Genesis Icerage MM Edition(L) I have 10 Space Thruster(L) These I would LOVE to sell in bulk if possible. This is not an auction, throw me an offer that is reasonable...
  15. Selling


    Stuff I am selling