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  • Hey,

    Just a reminder that WoF is around the corner, and we need as many people as possible to help Team USA claim the title. Hunters of all skill levels, budget, and available time for the events are all welcome, and appreciated. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people who you otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to know.

    You can join the WoF USA usergroup here . Thanks to some dedicated members there is some really useful WoF information in here :).

    We hope to see you there, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

    hey you... how ya been... long time no see!!! well hit me up sometime... im getting a pc built so hopefully will be able to play by mid october
    gfreat party at atlas haven sendoff
    Jes went to highschool at carlton rockwood:) so michigan 2
    Hey Jez - I knew your name sounded familiar at MS9s event but I couldn't remember exactly where from as it HAS been a while! Now I remember! Been well, utterly addicted to EU like so many others! Will have to add you to FL next time I run into you! :)
    Hey Jes, its always good to see old friends still around so many friends have quit! I'm starting to get a social life again lol I know you are a party girl I will prolly see more ov ya :)
    Hi there,
    Yes, born and raised in Detroit area.... Mt. Clemens to be specific. :D All my family is still back there.... ;)
    Oooo ... I like it in here. And thanks Hon ... the new show format is one that was missing so far, and it's one of my favorites, so I thought I would go for it. So far, it seems to be one the community likes, so looking forward to seeing you there. I have some special things planned. ;)
    To all those that may see this message, greetings.

    Know ye that on the 7th of February kl. 20 ma time, I will be unlocking the doors to the Temporal Destinies Society Lounge. After practically endless work (at least it feels that way) we feel that showing it to the public can benefit and help others to create a non storage like enviroment that you can relax in. Kick your feet up if we could actually do that :)

    Everyone and their brother are welcome to come, the more the merrier.. we wish we could serve drinks but the bartenders around still say that their shipment will arrive soon even after 7 years of waiting.. so conversation will have to do :laugh:

    Our home tp is Omegaton, go ne up the ramp through alpha to beta on the far side lvl 8.. repeat.. Omegaton Beta 8g.

    Come one come all.. see you there :tp:

    I am asking you to please consider contributing to WOF this year. No matter your skill, you CAN contribute!
    sign up thread
    rules thread
    Help America earn Her title Back from England!

    Thanks and Happy New Years! EBO
    Thank you for the +rep . . . it just seemed like a good thread to start and has kept me laughing!!
    hey jez!! how are ya? started playing again today after a month or so... gave myself a break. What is the first thing that i see on my return... u guys left the society =( Gosh, in a way i feel like an orphan now!!! see you ingame soon. cheers.
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