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    Modified Fap SGA Edition

    Looter should have respect for his own word, reputation and the person who actually made the loot possible, at such high value item a good realistic tip would have made no difference to his ped card. Fapper did "on paper" get what he agreed on with Looter, the fees plus "A Tip",as more detailed...
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    The Uprising and Fall - The Story.

    it is good to vent, but let it go, you still got your health, a woman and a child. you did the right decision selling when you sensed bankruptcy as it did take place, life has strange tricky ways sometimes. you mention legit and Duped mod faps? what is the story behind these?
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    Buzz Erik Lightyear FACTS!

    Buzz sold one signed dvd of Toy Story,making back more than what he paid for cp.
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    FYI: Shares of Crystal Palace

    Interesting. This may give me a chance to take part of this sale without having to own millions of peds. If someone would be kind enough to direct me to more information about the actual cp sale I asked this before but never got an answer. What comes with the sale?domes only?booths? How many...
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    Will you buy anything for your Estate?

    I like the developments but I hate the prices. This is the 1st time I feel direct greed from FPC, it is usually market driven, they should place those developments in auction and see how much people are really willing to pay, at least until a market driven price is set, not give me all your...
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    What happend to the shop booths on CP?

    I also wonder what comes with the sale? How many domes in CP? I have never been there. Does it come with the mobs? Are there any unique mobs on CP now?
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    Yo Momma joke thread

    yo momma so nasty,she looks at a boorum and goes "what a cute tiny thing!"
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    wolverine today :)

    Hangars revised into flying outposts, travel to the next planet while at the comfort of using terminals and auction!
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    Question: What would you do

    The real question: What Would Jesus Do?
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    Imp. Fap Mishap

    This thread should be called (what Not to do when handed uber item for free). You ignorant fool,someone hands you an imp fap and you give it back? knowing that all trades are final,then you are happy with your lousy 200 ped? /joke mode off Respect! you are an honorable player,I would have done...
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    Star Hacks in PVP... lol

    I post again in a thread I already expressed my thoughts of :rolleyes: I wonder what you would do if it was a negrep? Next time PM me for personal issues,don't increase the stupidity. And sorry,I am not a fan of transvestite tits :D
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    Star Hacks in PVP... lol

    This thread is stupid :rolleyes: and long.
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    Forum spy

    just scroll down and don't read the post. I never use the ignore option yet I scroll through most people's posts and by that I am ignoring them :wise:
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    How many people REALLY play Entropia?

    A) Very few people know about EU. B) There is little to no advertising to the entire online/gaming community. C) Judging by in game activity of globals,auctions,people in cities,outposts and wilderness, there are no more of 2k to 4k (peek on weekends) playing at any time of the day. D) My...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    lawyer? why did it come to this :( :(:(:(